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It is with such incredible excitement that I introduce you to She Glows Retreats. I believe so deeply in the value of stepping out of our day-to-day to focus on what really matters in our lives because retreats are what continue to offer me the greatest inspiration in my own life.

I thank you for considering joining me on this experience. I assure you, it will be life-altering. I came to this very spot in Costa Rica in 2016 for my own personal retreat. At that time, I was experiencing a low in my life. I had just finished breast feeding my youngest child. I was confused about my artistic pursuits and lacking enthusiasm. I felt low energy and always tired; I wasn't sleeping right. I had every reason in the world to be happy and excited, yet I felt down.

For the first time in my life, I found myself looking for a label for what was wrong with me. Was I depressed? Was there some kind of chemical imbalance? Did I need to talk to someone?

What I came to know about myself through my experience in Costa Rica was that my problem was one of the soul. For so long I had been catering only to the needs of others. For so long I had been operating in a do-do-do, survival mode way of living.

What I needed was some time to reset and learn to be with just myself again. When I came to Costa Rica I literally spent the entire first day sleeping. I had nowhere to be, no deadlines to meet, no butts to wipe and no dinners to make. It felt other-worldly.

I woke up early the next morning and went for a run on the beach. I knew little about the Costa Rican sun and figured exercising would be a great way to start my day. Believing I was feeling great, I kept running. By the time I turned to head back to the resort, I realized I had gone too far. I had no water. I was miles away and on the beach. There was water everywhere around me, yet I couldn't drink any of it.

I quickly felt myself shriveling. By sheer will alone I made it back to my room where again I slept and drank water for a good portion of my first full morning. But then, (thank God and finally), I had my first ah-ha. My run was a little metaphor for what I'd been doing to myself back home. I'd been going so far, and at such a pace, without taking care of my own basic needs that I literally had to near-collapse to see it. THIS is what was wrong with me.

We women tend to operate under the illusion that we can do it all. We can be everything for everyone. We take sick pride in doing so many things with and for others that it takes a near break down to recognize that our ways may be problematic.

Well, I'd like to bring awareness to that. I am so excited to hold this space for reflecting and resetting the pace of life for women. We all deserve the opportunity to examine our lives and find ways to be more intentional about how we live them. No single thing or person should hold us back from exploring this.

She Glows Retreats is my offering to women of the world. It is you who most inspire me these days. When we take time to know and understand ourselves, we can model for others what healthy balance looks like. I certainly need this time and escape for myself. I sure hope you'll join me in Costa Rica.



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