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Brie Doyle


Brie Doyle hosts retreats for healing and transformation in the US and abroad.  She specializes in curriculum development and facilitation, modernizing ancient practices, curating ritual and ceremony, and implementing research-based, experiential, growth opportunities utilizing the latest psychotherapeutic and somatic techniques.


Her book about the power and practice of retreating as self-care, YOU SHOULD LEAVE NOW, came out in July 2021.

She also writes contemporary fiction, both general and YA.



Hi, there! I'm Brie


I've been a teacher at some capacity for over twenty years.  But I've been a student of contemplative practices for as long as I can remember.

As a kid, I was fascinated by Catholic nuns who lived in solitude to cultivate their inner lives and thought maybe I'd be one someday.  When I was 19, I lived in Nepal and studied under multiple teachers in yoga, Buddhism, and philosophy that would plant the seeds for the work I share now.

When I came home from Asia, I was determined to blend ancient, Eastern practices with modern-day, Western living. 


I taught middle school in NYC and started an initiative that brought meditation into the classrooms.  I brought regular yoga classes to Division 1 college football programs.  I've worked with housewives in Asia, executives at Google, and folks from all ages and stages of life who yearn to heal their internal strife naturally, and live their most powerful lives.

I read constantly to offer the latest research-based growth opportunities to my clients, and am an avid writer of fiction.  My short stories have won multiple awards and I've written four novels.

My own personal crisis came when I hit a low after having my 3rd child.  Though I was thrilled to be a mother, I was struggling internally.  It was then that I realized how critical making space for mental wellness was.

Strongly opposed to Western medications for mental health, I tried everything I could think of to bring myself back to wellness - shifting eating habits, monitoring sleep, exercise, bodywork, writing, meditation and more.

But it was going on retreat that brought me back to myself.

Because of this journey, I now hold space for others to have their own transformational journeys of self-discovery.  It is an incredible honor to offer this work to the world.

Thanks for popping by and I look forward to getting to know more about you.

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