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My time on retreat changed my life, all for the better.  What Brie has created will undeniably have positive ripples for each person who goes.

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Brie is truly a brilliant teacher! She thoughtfully designed activities and executed them in ways that touched the core of your being. You will become a whole new person or goddess, take your pick!



Brie's Soul Sessions have provided my partner and me a "took kit" of strategies for how to move forward as a team.  Brie's approach is inclusive and honors both partners.

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I find it hard to describe how transformative this experience was.  Brie's wisdom is beyond her years and her spunk and sassiness make it very contemporary.  Brie helps us on our path to breakthroughs I didn't even know I could have.  I want to tell everyone I know to attend!

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Each day of retreat guided us through unexplored layers of ourselves in a way that brought clarity and perspective.  For me, these days revealed unexpected treasures to take home and integrate into my daily life and family.

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The retreat was WAY more than yoga.  It reminded me of the importance of sisterhood as well as my own divine, feminine energy, which was masked through excelling in corporate life.  What I love about Brie - other than her amazing approaches and methodologies - was how chill she was.

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Brie is extremely well read and challenged me in ways I hadn't been before.  This retreat helped me realize strengths I had, but never knew.

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Brie is such a good listener, I felt like she was reading my mind in my Soul Session.  It was a blessing to work with and learn from her.  She helps me understand myself and my patterns.  She has a great understanding of the human psyche.

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Words cannot convey the awesomeness of this retreat. Brie is a master at weaving a retreats that connects heart, spirit, mind and body. Her plan for participants allows one to open as much as comfortable, experience breakthroughs in a safe space, and to connect with self and others to awaken the true person inside.

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I want to shout from the rooftops how much I learned from you and how fantastic and essential it is to go on retreat! Retreating with you is better than months of therapy!

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Brie’s retreats are extremely well organized and planned. Mostly, her sincerity to help you find balance of energy and wellness of both body and mind is inevitable. Well put together research/resources on each of her heart curriculum is highly recommended.

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Brie embodied the insightful, empathetic guide that was perfect for navigating our individualized and group time throughout this valuable process of retreat.

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I am so impressed with Brie's ability to genuinely and authentically connect  with each and every person on retreat.  She takes you on an emotional journey that you didn't even know you needed with both spirituality and endless humor.

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After coming home from the retreat, I have made so many small changes to my day-to-day life that have made huge differences in how happy and present I am in my life and with my family.  I plan to attend as many retreats of Brie's as I can!

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Single best thing I've done for myself (and my family) in years.  Brie is a master retreat leader and educator. I came home feeling lighter, re-energized and euphoric to jump back into my busy life.

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Brie is the real deal.  She has travelled her own journey of healing and transformation and offers her wisdom with grace and humor.  Her skill at facilitating the retreat experience is impeccable.



This was an investment in myself, my family and the universe to be a part of this experience.  I highly recommend others explore what's possible with Brie.



If you need to heal or find answers to your unhappiness or loneliness, please consider booking a retreat or Soul Session with Brie.

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The retreat experience was a combination of spiritual growth and individual reflection; it felt like adult camp!  I left feeling more relaxed, happy with myself and having gained new friendships.  



Words can't quite express how special this retreat experience is.  Brie is an amazing and inspiring facilitator.  Her Heart Curriculum is truly life changing.

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Brie's passion for retreat as a form of self-care is mindful and illuminating.  She showed respect, flexibility and openness to everyone who attended.  Truly this retreat experience left a life-long impression and brought me back to myself.

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I'm so thankful for how Brie's retreats have shifted my life and view.  Retreat with Brie is both therapy and internal work that helps me and my family tremendously.  I feel brighter and full and appreciate my family even more.  I am a stronger, happier human as a result.

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Brie's Heart Curriculum truly changed my life at a time when I thought I "was good," but there was so much more deep, personal work waiting for me.

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Brie has a gift which she shares graciously.  Her AWAKEN Retreat is a week I will never forget; it changed me forever.  Thank you, Brie, for your heart and passion.  I'm already booked for the next one!

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