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Soul Sessions 


A Soul Session is a 1-on-1 call with Brie to dig deep into your psychology to understand the root cause of what challenges you, but uses the forward momentum of coaching. 


The focus of a Soul Session is to reclaim the power, confidence and clarity you desire in any aspect of your life.  

Together, pulling from the latest in psychotherapeutic practices, we'll explore and shift patterns that have kept you stagnant, and create a plan to bring about your extraordinary future.

Fees and Packages


Working with a guide you connect with is an effective and efficient way to uncover blockages and make rapid progress on your goals.  It is a worthwhile investment in your professional and personal wellbeing.  My fees include hourly time together and/or video calls, personal growth exercises and assessments, as well as email support and follow up.


Choose to meet regularly or on an as needed basis.

Coaching Packages

Standard fee (60-minute session): $250/session

Commitment counts when pursuing a significant life goal or making lasting positive change. The following packages offer savings and quicker results when you commit to a longer-term coaching relationship.


Activation Package -- 4 Soul Sessions

  • Schedule at your own pace

  • $980 or $245 per session


Commitment Package -- 6 Soul Sessions

  • Schedule at your own pace

  • $1440 or $240 per session

 *Packages expire after one year of inactivity

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Brie's Soul Sessions have been like the perfect diet.  She's helped me trim the fat in my life, get rid of the unwanted emotional weight, and keep it off.  With Brie's help, I've created new habits that are easy to do every day, and that make a big difference in how I feel.  Soul Sessions with Brie have and will continue to help get me to my goal self and be the most badass, healthy happy goddess I can be.

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Brie is such a good listener, I feel like she is reading my mind.  It is a blessing to work with and learn from her.  She helps me understand myself and my patterns.  She has a deep understanding of the human psyche.

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Brie is an incredible human being with a gift to coach and guide others.  She works 1:1 with individuals to help achieve peak performance for ares in your life that need attention.  If you feel stuck, Brie can guide you to break through.

Soul Session Praise
Image by Chris Ensey
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