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Self Retreat Kit


Self Retreat Kit


Are you looking for new inspiration?  Or do you feel exhausted, burnt out, or disconnected from your sense of joy?  You are not alone.


The CDC reports that as of June of 2021, 40% of US adults reported struggling with mental health issues or substance use.  People are lonelier, more overwhelmed, and more disconnected than ever before.

Never has our mental and emotional wellness been tested like it is right now.

The need to create space and reconnect with your purpose and sense of meaning is critical in order to stay well.

Going on regular retreat is how to take back control.  Retreating is how you honor, build and strengthen your inner reveries.  It's how you reconnect with your own sense of ease and joy.

It is not easy to pull away to do the inner work required to stay conscious.  But now, more than ever, it is essential.

For your family, your workplace, your lover, YOURSELF, it is time to give yourself the gift of Retreat.

Meditation by the Beach

"I'm so thankful for how these retreats have shifted my life and view.  I am a happier and stronger person as a result" - Tania

Image by Sebastian Huxley

"This retreat revealed unexpected treasures to take home and integrate into my daily life." - Dana

Your Own Sanctuary


For just a weekend, allow yourself the time for solitary retreat.  Here are a few of my favorite ideas of where you can retreat for the weekend:


  • A cabin in the woods

  • A quiet hotel outside of town

  • Your basement or quiet space in your house

  • A cottage near a lake or ocean  

  • A yurt on the open plains

  • A generous friend's house who is out of town

  • A cozy apartment in a city

  • An ashram, temple, church or monastery

  • A quiet room in a library

  • A beautiful outdoor setting, tent or camper

It is not where you retreat, but that you retreat that matters!

Your Perfect Guide


The Self Retreat Kit, a comprehensive, 3-day package (suited for a weekend retreat), is the perfect guide for your transformational, self-directed retreat.

You pick the place, and I'll give you the rest! 


Complete with all the materials, meditations, and inspiration you'll need, the Self Retreat Kit is designed for the seeker who yearns to go it alone.

Find your way back to yourself.

Rock Maze

"Brie embodies the insightful, empathetic and spirited guide that is perfect for navigating you through the valuable process of retreat." - Beverlee

Self Retreat Kit Inclusions


Regular retreating on your OWN is highly beneficial to build your inner muscle and self-confidence.


But planning one can be daunting.  How can you ensure you'll get the most out of your experience?

I got you.

Included in your Self Retreat Kit, you'll receive:

The Transformation
Retreat Manual
  • Specially curated content for healing and transformation

  • Daily entries for contemplation

  • A course flow designed specifically for 3 day retreat

  • Calls to action to manifest after your retreat

  • Relevant activities and exercises for personal growth for your entire weekend

The Elements of
Retreat Guide
  • The 9 Elements of Retreat Guide

  • Explanation and context for each of the 9 Elements of Retreat

  • Use to build your perfect weekend retreat with your needs in mind

2 Grounding, Relaxing Yoga Classes
  • Specially designed to match the flow of your retreat

  • 1 Restorative Hips Class

  • 1 Vinyasa Class

  • Lifetime use is yours, never pay for a yoga class again!

Retreat Preparation Guide
  • A guide to get you ready for every detail of your retreat

  • Questions to get you mentally prepared

  • Tips on everything you'll need

Transformational Reading List
  • Decades worth of wisdom and research in one list

  • Choose from the most influential books in the self-help, spiritual and personal growth space

Content Videos
  • 15 videos to guide your retreat experience

  • Instruction to use at every point on your retreat

  • Lessons to deepen your experience

  • Personal connection and reflection to take you through each phase of your retreat

Meditations, Visualizations + Breath Work
  • 5 video lessons to help take you inward

  • 2 yoga classes

  • 3 meditation videos

  • 2 Breath work videos

A Detailed Weekend Retreat Schedule
  • Schedule from Friday at 6pm  through Sunday at 2pm

  • Every last detail of your weekend planned for you

  • Space to make shifts as you see fit

An All-Inclusive Packing List
  • Every detail thought through for you

  • Leave feeling confident you have all you need

Curated Music Playlists
  • Uniquely designed for your retreat

  • Access to various lists to fit every point on your retreat

  • Lifetime use access

ALL this for just $325 USD

Click below to get instant access to your Kit!

Plan your retreat TODAY...

Frequently Asked Questions


1.  Do I have to do this retreat alone?

Though I host numerous organized retreats for groups each year, I most often take my own retreats alone.  Though it may at first be uncomfortable to be alone, this course is designed to help you realign with yourself.  This is best done alone.

2.  Can I use The Self Retreat Kit multiple times?

Yes!  Once you purchase this Kit, you have LIFETIME use.  I would suggest printing a NEW copy of The Transformational Retreat Manual each time, as every retreat has something new to teach you.

3.  How often should I do solo retreats?

I suggest at least once per year.

4.  Can I use The Self Retreat Kit at home?

Absolutely.  While leaving and finding a new space to retreat offers a fresh energy and perspective, The Self Retreat kit is designed to be used anywhere.  You can use it in a quiet space, with no interruptions, in your home.

5.  Can I get in touch with you?

Yes!  As a bonus, I offer one-on-one Soul Sessions to add on to your Self Retreat Kit.  I would be delighted to connect with you before and after your transformational retreat.

Mudra Meditation

"My time on retreat changed my life, all for the better.  What Brie has created will undeniably have positive ripples for anyone who participates."


Wellness Coach

"This retreat was an investment in myself, my family and the universe.  I highly recommend others explore what's possible with Brie."


A Bonus!


As an added bonus, I'd love to offer you two Soul Sessions to connect one-on-one together before and after your retreat!

Schedule your Soul Session before your retreat to get mentally and emotionally prepared for your transformational experience.

Plan your Soul Session for afterwards to ensure that your retreat serves you long after your 3 day retreat.

It is always my honor to connect with, and support you on your retreating journey.


Hi There! 


I'm Brie.  It's my honor to support you on your retreating journey.  I can't wait to see you on the inside and go through this process of transformation together. 

Here's to your wellness.

Image by Chris Ensey
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