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☀️3 Ways Costa Rica HEALS...☀️

Happy #wellnesswednesday, y'all!

I leave for Costa Rica 2 weeks from today for our 2019 AWAKEN: Women's Self-Discovery Retreat. Holy cow, I am so excited!

15 women are coming down to bask in the sun, and embark on a path of self-awakening to come home vibing at a whole new level. I am so freaking excited, I can hardly stand it!

What led me to Nosara the first time was my own pain. I was struggling as a new mother after my 3rd child, and I felt like I'd lost myself and couldn't find my joy. It was the first time in my life when I asked myself questions like: "What's wrong with me? Is this depression? Anxiety? "

It was in Costa Rica where I rebuilt myself. Being there allowed me to slowly unravel the years of new motherhood exhaustion, let go of past pains, and rediscover who I was again, just me.

Damn, it felt good.

Here are 3 Ways Costa Rica HEALS..:

1. Let PLEASURE lead:

People come to Costa Rica for all sorts of reasons. To surf, to do yoga, to escape bitter cold winters. Whatever the reason, Nosara is a playground of passion. It goes without saying that the weather is incredible and being by the ocean is healing on its own.

But what's so special about this place for me is that it's a reminder of the power of letting pleasure lead. We so often make our decisions based on "shoulds." We "should" all over ourselves, living our lives from one obligation to the next, pleasing others and living by societal standards of what it means to be a proper woman. We are the masters of OTHER people's pleasures.

Ah, but to give pleasure, we must know pleasure!

A choice to go to Nosara is guided by pleasure. This kind of deciding reminds us that when we let pleasure lead, incredible magic happens. And listening to our own pleasure as guide can lead to a lifetime filled with magic. If only we learn to listen...

2. Food Matters:

It is cold in Colorado right now, and I'll be honest, chips taste damn good.

But the beauty of being in a warm place is that we effortlessly choose lighter, cleaner foods. We don't think about it, they just sound good. A smoothie sounds better than a sloppy joe, a salad sounds more enticing than a piping hot piece of lasagne, and a slice of watermelon is far more refreshing than a cookie.

When we frolic in the sun and sand, something in our cells comes alive and feels complete. We feel filled up, our tanks full from living this way. We don't need hearty food in the same way to satiate us because this sense of feeling complete comes from so many other natural, healthier sources.

3. Dance like the ocean, set like the sun:

My favorite ritual in Nosara is how everything stops when it's time for the sun to retire. All the locals head down to the beach, almost in ritualistic devotion, and watch the sunset.

It's a beautiful reminder of how when we follow the rhythm of nature, our hearts settle. All feels right in the world and nothing is more important or worthwhile.

And this pace is far more realistic than our "on-demand" lives that run at all times, without respite.

If we spend time with her long enough, we may just learn to embody Mother Nature's ways again..

Here's to healing with you in Costa Rica, now, or in the future.



PS-I'm out for a few weeks as I wrap up final preparations, but I'll be posting on Instagram! Back in April!


Know you wanna be there in 2020?

AWAKEN Registration for 2020 is now OPEN

February 15-22, 2020

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