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Why Women Need Retreats

As women, we are often taught to give to other people, first and always, which can create the messaging or expectation that our true value as a woman and human being comes from when and how (and how often) we give to others. Giving is a beautiful declaration of love, but it can be draining if why we give isn't in alignment with who we are, or if it's not allowing us to truly express ourselves as the individual we came into this world to be.

That's why going on retreat, taking a step from those who receive so generously from us, can be exactly what we as women need to discover (or re-discover) our own self without the everyday obligations that face us at home.

Whether we give as wives, friends, partners, mothers, or business owners, retreats allow us to re-align with who we are fundamentally and acknowledge the rate of growth that makes the most sense for us.

On retreat, we are allowed the space to be our authentic selves and settle back into who we are as individuals, separate from all our roles or titles given to us. You get to ask yourself, "Who am I, just me?"

Retreating allows women the space to reclaim our identities. This realignment ends up benefiting not only ourselves but others since we're able to give at a much higher frequency once we are better tuned in to how to give without giving everything, or how to set boundaries that enable us to have our own time and space to do the things that rejuvenate our spirit and keep us grounded in the knowledge of ourselves.

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