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She Glows Retreats host retreats that enable a woman to reconnect with herself through content focused workshops, yoga and meditation, ritual and ceremony, nutritious food, in solitude and with community in beautiful, sacred landscapes.

Meditation by the Sea
Rediscover yourself.


Upcoming Retreats.


Image by Donald Giannatti

September 19-22, 2024



Reclaim your feminine fire as we explore principles of masculine and feminine energy and their influence on our relationships.

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February 8-15, 2025



Rejuvenate, and reconnect with your most authentic self at this women's retreat of self discovery.


Green Plant

Are you ready to
reclaim your strength,
reawaken your joy,
rest, heal & just be?

You're not alone.

Our Philosophy.

Every woman wants to live a meaningful and fulfilled life. Yet as women, we are so often conditioned to believe our value comes from that which is outside of ourselves. We are mothers, partners, leaders, community members, career women and more.

While we may navigate these roles with ease, we cannot ignore how meeting the needs of others shapes our connection to ourselves. We yearn for more time to take care of ourselves, and a greater understanding of who we are and what we want.

Our belief is that the best way to realign with our sense of purpose and rekindle the relationship with our inner voice is through stepping out of our routines and roles back home. Only then can we see with clarity what we know to be true at our core. Only then can we receive the quiet self-messages that guide the way to our most authentic selves.

Both together and alone we will revisit the questions that burn deep at the core of every woman.


When we take care of ourselves, we can better take care of those around us.  May you return home renewed and inspired. May your glow benefit you and all those around you.

Image by Aurélien - Wild Spot

Our retreats are for you if...

  • Desire more space for yourself

  • Want a break from distractions

  • Need a good night's rest, finally

  • Are looking for a place for personal reflection, relaxation & affirmation 

  • Are seeking inspiration

  • Are in a transitional period in your life

  • Value diversity, learning and self-growth

  • Need personal healing

  • Want to try something new

  • Just plain need a breather!

A Message From Your Hostess

Dear Incredible Woman,


I know it is hard to leave.  Believe me, I've used every reason myself for why not to go on retreat.  But in all the retreats I've taken, I've never regretted a single one.


The truth is, every single retreat has something new to teach me that I only discover because I took the time away.  Retreating is the best way I've found to really know myself and my deepest intentions.  It's my most meaningful form of self-care.


I know you do EVERYTHING for those around you.  I know how much you give because it is in a woman's nature to give of herself.  


I hope you consider taking this time to give to yourself now.  You absolutely deserve it.  I'd be so incredibly honored to have and celebrate you.


With love,


Image by Chris Ensey
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