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Your Transformation Awaits...

The longer I host Retreats, the more I understand the true, transformational power they offer for our inner, spiritual landscapes.

We all want to live big lives. But we don't always know exactly how.

Here are 3 reasons why retreating will help you live your BIGGEST life yet.

1. Get clear on who YOU are --

Women are hormonally hardwired to seek connection. We are driven by estrogen to be close with others, at all costs. It's what makes us feel safe, valued and like our lives have meaning.

The only problem is, because of this, we often fail to listen to our own voices. Surrounded by family, friends and co-workers, our lives become about pleasing others and fulfilling obligations.

When you are alone with yourself, very quickly, your truth bubbles to the surface again.

What is it you really want? What and who make you happy? What is it you're missing? How can I make more of an impact? What more do I have to offer this world?

These answers cannot come amongst hordes of others. Retreating allows the space and introspection to find your own truths, no buy-in's necessary.

2. The Pattern Interrupt --

Ideas and inspiration swarm in and around us, little bubbles of energy, all the time.

When we go on Retreat, everything is different: the pace of our days, the food we eat, the content we're thinking about, the shift that comes as a result of regularly practiced meditation, yoga, and more.

Because of this drastic shift, what was once stagnant, habitual and formulaic back home, gets tossed around and reevaluated.

We see with new eyes and have fresh perspective on life back home - what needs to shift, what we want to stay the same, etc.

Because we've shifted our pattern in a healthy and supportive way, we get real clarity on how to best live life once we're back in it.

3. Renew Your Potency --

All women give, but what is the quality of your giving?

Are you giving from a space of desperation or hurry? Do you give in order to feel significant? Are you giving out of habit because that's how you were raised? Are you giving and expecting something back in return? A reward perhaps, or recognition?

Or are you giving from a space of true and boundless love?

Our greatest gift is what, and how we give to the world. We absolutely cannot give authentically if we don't also RECEIVE.

Retreating allows us to receive -- proper and basic self-care (sleep, adequate nutrition, down time, movement), messages that feed our spirit, new ideas and intuitions and more.

We fill our own cups so we can go home and share our gifts, from a honest space of love, with all those around us.

Ladies, life is too short to live unconsciously Plan your retreat now.





IGNITE - October 18-20, 2019 (Crestone, CO)

HONOR - November 9, 2019 (Boulder, CO)

AWAKEN - February 15-22, 2020 (Costa Rica)

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