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Can You Be Alone?

How do you feel about being alone?

This Wednesday, I've been thinking a lot about personal power and how to find it, ignite it and keep it a'blaze.

As women, so often we define ourselves by what we do for other people. Who do we help? Who are we there for? Who needs us in this moment?

We fill our calendars with work, family, friends all in an effort to stay engaged and feel of value.

But where do we hold space for ourselves on our calendars? Do we give to ourselves in the way we give to others?

One of our family values is "Practice Being Alone." We want our kids to get comfortable with the idea that they are enough by themselves. When all friendships and people around them are in flux, they always have themselves. They don't have to have a friend, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a partner...they don't have to show up for, or be a part of anything to be enough.

Being comfortable with, and belonging to ourselves is some of the most important work we can do.

Here's some more thoughts on the value of being comfortable alone...

Looking for a little meaningful space for yourself?

March 16-23rd, 2019

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