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The Value of Silence

Hear from Brie, founder of She Glows Retreats, about how silence can help you realign your speech with your true intentions.

Going on retreat allows you to become more in touch with not only how you're speaking - to yourself and to others - but also why, the intentions of our speech. When you no longer have your voice to communicate, you learn quickly on retreat the habits that may not truly serve you.

Silence does not need to be a container to fill with your words when you're with a friend, your spouse, a co-worker or among people you barely know.

That's not to say a day of silence, as example, should change your inner nature or who you are as a person. Merely it's a chance for you to look inward and confirm that when you speak with words that they are genuinely reflecting your intentions and who you are versus simply filling a void that, upon further reflection, doesn't need to be filled.


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