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YOUR Path to Wellness

Dear Ones,

What was it that brought you onto YOUR particular path of wellbeing? Can you pinpoint when your journey started?

Was it going to a yoga class? Meeting an important guide? Reading an inspiring book? Did you experience a lack wellness in some way, and that drove you to it?

What was it?

Which came first for you?:

  • mental health

  • physical health

  • emotional health

  • spiritual health

The beauty of YOUR PATH is that no matter how you started, all paths lead to the same center where every element of wellness is met.

For years, I said the journey into my own spiritual deepening was triggered by yoga. I started practicing at a fairly young age because of a track injury. Being an active kid by nature, a PHYSICAL deepening practice made sense to me. From pursuing this path I was led to meditation, nutrition, energy, plant medicine, psychology, spirituality and more.

But watching the Netflix show Surviving Death recently has helped me remember that my journey of spiritual understanding started much further back than I recalled.

When I was just six years old, I fell down two stories and landed on my head. I quickly dropped into a coma.

At that young age I remember floating outside my body and seeing myself lying on the bottom of the steps. When I came to, I told my mom. She believed me and her belief gave me validation to believe myself. It was as real as anything I'd experienced.

But I had forgotten.

When I look back on my life, I realize that since that point, I've always been deeply driven to know and understand spirit. This yearning has driven every important decisions in my life.

What about you?

When you look back, where did YOUR PATH start for you?

The beauty of knowing this for yourself is that you can understand what drives you. And as you honor this initial pull, your awareness will expand in all facets of well-being.

  • Take a moment and remember what started it for you

  • Have this conversation with a loved one or friend

  • Ask them: "how did your spiritual path/path of wellness begin?"

  • Then share yours

Here's to honoring YOUR specific path of awareness.




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