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Which season are YOU in?

Nature has countless lessons for us. And I love the idea that we all cycle through multiple, metaphorical seasons in our lives, again and again. Understanding which season we're in can have massive impact on our lives.

Here's the deal, our decisions shape our destiny.

You can make a great decision at the wrong time, and end up with a horrible outcome. Need an example? Starting a restaurant business at the beginning of COVID. Sure, some are still hanging in there. But for the vast majority, it's been an uphill battle. No amount of optimism can pull them through. Optimism is a beautiful thing, but intelligent optimism is even better.

Societally, we're in the dead of winter - both literally and figuratively with this pandemic.

Knowing what season you're in, as well as what season your society and economy are in can help you understand how to make the best decisions to allow for peace and for progress.

SPRING -- This is a time of creation. People, animals, businesses experience the energy of renewal and new beginnings. This is a time of excitement and inspiration for new ideas. Signs and signals begin popping up or "budding" to remind us that our hard work is paying off and we're headed in the right direction.

SUMMER -- During this time, things heat up. You may be tested, but you also experience serious growth. You have space for a little relaxation. And you see the proliferation of your work in full bloom. Summer is where you build the systems, both internally and externally, to help you continue to thrive.

AUTUMN -- This is a time when you come into full manifestation. You celebrate the harvest you've built. You notice abundance all around you. This is a time of celebration. You are in full charge and control of your life, and are thriving. You feel competent and confident. If you get hit hard by something, you've likely already learned the difficult lessons in spring or summer to take it with a grain of salt. Surprisingly, autumn is a time to slow down, which feels so shockingly different from how hard you've worked in spring/summer periods. This can be a challenging shift, but a necessary one.

WINTER -- WINTER can manifest as a "dark night of the soul" where you are deeply challenged or pushed in an area of your life. It may not be this way with every winter, but at times. During this time, you slow down. You allow some things to die so that others can regrow. This is a time when you reflect on all the seasons you've passed through, and if you've taken great care of yourself through the seasons, this is a wonderful time to be a leader or mentor to others. It can be a time to redefine how you will be reborn anew come spring.

No matter what season within which you currently find yourself, the beauty of this metaphor is that all seasons pass. And after every WINTER comes SPRING.

And there is something beautiful to be found in each season.

Here's to honoring the beauty of where you are.




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