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What are YOU too wise for?

I love a good New Year's goal. Writing down goals helps you clarify your focus and bring more of what you want into your life.

In the same way, writing down things you are "too wise for" will keep you in integrity. Getting clear on what creates resistance in your life will help you live with more ease and authenticity when pushed.

Many of us feel full of inspiration to set new goals this time of year. Consider making a list of What You're Too Wise For, too. Both are essential.

  • Make a list in your journal

  • Add it even if you haven't entirely put it into practice yet. Let the writing be the intention so the practice can manifest

  • Continue to add as you notice more of what you're too wise for in your daily life

Here's my list of what I'm too wise for now. Give it a try. Create your OWN list for 2021.

  1. Not speaking up - I've spent too much of my life trying to be pleasing and withholding what I really think and feel. It's created incredible internal turmoil for me in situations where I am trying to be respectful or kind. The older I get, the more I'm ready to speak what I really feel, even if it isn't agreeable.

  2. Finishing books that don't hook me - Determination is one of my assets. But my time is too precious. And there are too many incredible books out there to waste my time on what isn't mind-blowingly awesome. If I'm not into it by page 50, I'm over it.

  3. Getting drunk - I haven't had alcohol since 2014. I haven't had problems with alcohol, luckily. I just realized that for so many years I drank to make other people comfortable. I've never liked it. Here's to never getting calf cramps or loosing sleep bc of booze again!

  4. Weighing myself every day - For years I've weighed myself every day. Many women (and men!) can attest to doing the same. I've viewed it as a practice in accountability. But I've given too much power to the outcome. If the numbers are down, I feel light and happy, and my energy reflects this throughout the day. If the numbers are up, my energy becomes held in, and self-conscious. It's silly and unnecessary. I'll trust inner accountability and how I feel, instead.

  5. Giving away my time for free - If you're a nurturer and an empath like me, and I know many of you are, you've grown accustomed to being an ear for people's challenges. I love helping people. But I can no longer be the emergency call people make when it's convenient for them. I'm so inspired to work with people who respect my offerings as what they are. In order for me to honor myself, I have to hold the line, here.

  6. Spending time with energy vampires - Dr. Christiane Northrup wrote a book called Dodging Energy Vampires that I'd highly recommend. It helps identify all the subtle ways we exchange energy in relationships. You'll know you're spending time with an energy vampire when you feel drained after being around a person, they have countless expectations of how YOU should behave, or the entire relationship is about them. I'm choosing myself instead of letting myself be sucked dry be folks who need more than I can give.

  7. Not making space for friends - I've become so consumed with family and personal ambitions, that I often don't leave enough space for fun just for the hell of it. I am thankful to have friends who check in on me, ask me to talk on the phone, and remind me that it would be fun to get tea, as opposed to being focused all the time. These friendships fill me and I'm so thankful to be reminded of that, again and again. I believe great friendships are just as important as exercise, eating well, or having a healthy, intimate partner (if you want one).

  8. Having cheap clothes - So much of my life I've been proud to be a bargain deal gal. I've been a hustler with money, and always able to make it stretch farther than most. But I am ready to allow myself to spend money on nice things. It's nice to save money, and it's also nice to feel lovely as hell in your hip duds. Here's to splurging on myself every now and again.

I'm sure my list will continue to evolve. It feels good to put some boundaries in place for myself around what I'm too wise for. I hope this practice offers you as much ease as it has me.

Here's to your power in 2021.

BIG love,



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