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Train Your Brain

How much would you say you experience stressful thoughts or feelings? Daily? Hourly? Multiple times per hour?

Turns out, the more we experience stress, the more we condition our brain to invite it in the future. Suddenly, living from a state of stress becomes the norm.

But there is another way....

Scientists have discovered that there are 5 main brain wave states humans experience on a regular basis. Most of us live the majority of our wake lives in either high or low Beta brain wave states.

During Beta state, we're responding to activity. We're alert, attentive, present and available for external circumstances. When we sleep, we experience Theta and Delta states.

But there's another brain wave state, Alpha, that we can achieve in our wakeful state, too.

More regularly experiencing Alpha state has been proven to increase creativity and effective problem solving.

The challenge is, we have to make space in our busy lives to "get" there.


I will sing this same song til the cows come home. If we do not take 10 minutes in the morning to sit quietly, close our eyes and focus on our breath, we will not have control of our minds. Period.

If you care about your sense of sanity, ability to solve problems and avoiding mental health issues like depression, it's time to take this seriously.


Another way to bring ourselves to Alpha is to take a restorative yoga class. Not a yoga strength, a vinyasa flow, or an inversions class. A RESTORATIVE class.

We all need exercise. I get that. But if we're only focused on our workouts, then we'll have a slammin' bod, but our mind will be a mess. We have enough beautiful crazies in the world...

This is EXACTLY why I'm teaching restorative each Sunday and not vinyasa. There are a million vinyasa classes out there. You have to dig a little deeper if you want to find a yoga class for your inner world...


Closing our eyes and visualizing a future that has not yet come to pass triggers melatonin release in the brain from our pineal gland. The pineal gland, also associated with the 3rd eye, or as french philosopher Rene Decartes coined "The Seat of the Soul," is literally the connection between the physical and the spiritual realm.

If we yearn to move beyond our known experience into something extraordinary, it's time to take back control of our minds. Instead of being victims to the whims of the external, 5 sensory world, training our brain for profound insight as opposed to predictable future is worth every second we'll give it.

Here's to keeping that brain on point,


Want to learn more about how to access alpha state? Join me for MANIFEST! >>>

MANIFEST Virtual Retreat

May 31, 2020

1-5pm, MST


*Note: this retreat welcomes men and all gender and non-binary identifying folks. One tuition is good for the entire household, so a whole family can join!

Looking for in person retreat options?

Join us!


Crestone, Colorado

October 16-18, 2020


Reclaim your feminine fire as we explore principles of feminine and masculine energy, and their influence on our intimate relationships.


Boulder, Colorado

November 14, 2020


Ground with other conscious women before the holiday season so you can go in with grace.


Denver, Colorado

January 9, 2021


Recommit to your dreams by exploring visioning work and the 5 Elements to bring about your most extraordinary year yet.


Steamboat Springs, Colorado

April 29-May 2, 2021


Take your health to the next level at this transformational cleanse for body, mind and spirit.


Nosara, Costa Rica

February 12-19, 2022


Reconnect to your most authentic self at this transformational women's self-discovery retreat.


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