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To the Mamas

Dear friend,

Happy Mother's Day. I started writing my blog this week to send out Wednesday, like usual, but I couldn't finish it. I've been so busy mom'ing. Those of you who are actively mom'ing right now know that May is like December 2.0. Between end of year parties, tournaments, performances, field trips, BBQs and more, it's full on.

But I wanted to send a quick note of appreciation to all you mamas out there.

I started my retreat business 6 years ago and it was originally going to be called in Mama Escapes. I wanted to help change the narrative for mothers around prioritizing self-care and alone time for themselves as being GOOD for her family and partnership.

If you've read my book, you know the reason I started hosting retreats is because I hit my own low when at home with 3 young kids doing the work of mothering. I felt desperate, uninspired, exhausted and just lost. I kept finding myself looking for some kind of label as to what was wrong with me. Was I depressed? Anxious? Did I need to change my diet?

But I had a commitment to myself that was put into place in my 20s. After each child, I'd take a retreat for myself, as I did regularly in my younger years.

Me schlepping my breast-pump through India on my first retreat post-baby. Nice glasses, right?

After my 3rd kid, I went on one in Costa Rica, where I now host retreats annually.

What I realized on that retreat was not that something was wrong with me. But that I'd been hemorrhaging all my energy onto everyone else. I needed to share that same attention and care with myself. I came home determined to hold space in this way for other mothers, women and men.

So often as mothers we're fed the message that our only role in the world is to nurture everyone else's dreams. And it's true, there is nothing like a mother's support.

But an inspired mother creates an inspired child, family, community and society.

I believe regular retreating is how we find our way back to that inspiration.

These days, my business serves more than just mothers. I know we all experience burnout, lack of inspiration and disillusionment. Yet I'm honored to hold space for mothers who are in the trenches, raising, nurturing, and guiding our next generation. Though society doesn't tell you regularly, you are doing such important work.`

And to my own mother, who showed me how to be the mother I am proud to be today: thank you for always prioritizing my brothers and me. I know now, it must not have always been easy. So much of my drive, creativity, ability to nurture, love, and support others comes because I had a mother who gave these qualities to me, unconditionally.

And to all of you mothers doing the good work, I honor you and your sacred work. May you feel the love and appreciation you deserve this weekend. And may you know that it is your light that helps others shine brightly. Retreat, rest, be inspired -- do whatever you must to keep this light shining. You deserve it. And we all benefit when you do.


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