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Thank you, I love you

As I nudge my ducklings out the door this morning, I am shattered to think about the parents and siblings in Texas who were forced to wake up with black craters where their hearts once were.

This reoccurring trauma is the darkest of our time, absolutely incomprehensible. I hope you are holding your loved ones close, and sending prayers and resources.

This morning, I wrote a spicy post on social media about teens and mental health crisis and the essential, irreplaceable role of an involved and well mother.

Which is why I'm coming to you today...

If you've been with me for a while (thank you long time, subscribers!), you know that summer is when I pull back. My kids come home full time, and I take a step back from this work with you that I love. At this point in my life, my role as a mom is most important.

And as is my very central message: when we step away, take a break, change the pattern, we come back with even more to give.

It is with these intentions that I say farewell to you for the summer.

I will start up again in the fall (from Montana!) with regular blogs on all the latest in mental and emotional health that I can find. I can assure you, I'll be reading, learning, and taking notes so I can share it all with you upon my return.

I thank you for your gracious support of me in all the many ways you do -- from reading, to one-on-ones, to retreats, to reviews, to sharing my site with your friends. It is everything. And that I am able to still be a mom, first and foremost, and keep your respect, engagement and participation makes me feel good about the feminine forces of the world. Thank you.

This is the way women should be allowed to work.

So, I wish you a wonderful summer and here's to your continued mental and emotional well-being. Thank you, I love you.

Below are 3 ways we can keep in touch over the summer:

  • INSTAGRAM -- I'll stay actively posting throughout the summer -- more personal content -- about our move, as well as some of the usual. Would love to connect with you more there. If you don't already, you can follow along HERE.

  • SOUL SESSIONS -- I'll continue Soul Sessions throughout the summer on a modified schedule. Regular clients, you still have your same slots. But if you're looking for a one-off session, an update/check-in or are a new client, I'd love to share in a Soul Session with you. You can read more about Soul Sessions and access my calendar to sign up HERE.

  • RETREATS -- As I mentioned in a previous email, I'll be back in Colorado in the early fall (October 13-16, 2022) for the IGNITE Retreat. I'd be delighted to reunite with you there. You can read more about IGNITE and secure your spot HERE. Of course, if there's another retreat that interests you, you can sign up at any time until spaces sell out.

I'm so thankful for you. Stay close!


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