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PURIFY Retreat Reflections

Dear One,

I am finally settling back into home life since returning from the PURIFY Retreat. 11 incredible women came together in the beautiful mountains of Steamboat Springs, CO for one of my most advanced retreats.

The intention for this retreat started with physical health -- it was a 3 day juice cleanse and these ladies ROCKED it!

But the work we did went so much deeper than physical. This was a retreat about letting go, learning to work through trauma and past pain, and moving beyond fear. It was about releasing what ails us, and creating lightness of being.

And we did just that.

Check out this week's blog to see a few highlights from PURIFY:

  1. The CLEANSE -- 3 days of green juices, savory smoothies on the deck, golden milk during movie time, and lots and lots of lemon water. These women were committed to their longevity and the healing process of autophagy (cell cleansing) and were AMAZED at how once you move beyond hunger hormones, cleansing is not that difficult. Way to freaking go, gals!

2. The WORK -- We went all in. Equipped with the latest research on healing trauma through somatic release and psychotherapeutic techniques, we went in deep. We looked at our past, our familial patterns, and our present. We unearthed blockages physically, emotionally and energetically, and allowed them to move through. Damn. We went for it.

3. Flower Mandalas -- Mandala making is a Buddhist practice often done by monks and most regularly made with sand. We did it with flowers. The beauty and symbolism in this practice is after making a beautiful work of art, we then release it to signify impermanence and letting go.

We made mandalas honoring familial lines that surrounded our sacred space. And then, on May Day, we released the flowers into the air to serve as a symbol of our own journeys of letting go.

4. The Hot Air Balloon Ride -- Holy cow, talk about beautiful symbolism for letting go! This ride was extraordinary over the mountains of Steamboat. As the sun rose from behind the snow-capped peaks, we danced in the sky.

One of the magical moments was when we released the flowers around us, the floated upwards to surround the balloon! So there we were, on May Day, surrounded by flowers! It felt like magic.

5. The EXTRAS! -- From life changing energy work sessions, lengthy massages, dips in the hot springs (and cold pools!), colonics, Heart Curriculum, dance, documentary and more, we luxuriated in what it means to take care of ourselves.

6. Somatic Ceremony of Release -- Every one of my longer retreats has dance or a movement ceremony of some kind. It is so healing to move the body in new and underused ways. After a solid year of research, I created what I called a Somatic Release Ceremony that incorporated 7 different somatic practices to move pain/trauma/stuck energy through the body. The women were amazing, trusted me, and played full out. It was a beautiful ceremony to hold and to witness.

There you have it, friends! It was a life-changing weekend with some incredible women.

If you know you're in next year, don't hesitate to snag your spot!

I look forward to PURIFYING with you in the future.




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