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Podcasts I Love - 2020

Dear Friend,

I LOVE new information on health/wellness, personal power, relationships, spirituality, food...anything at all that helps me live my best life.  I also LOVE helping others live their best lives, and find supportive resources, as well.

This week for the blog, check out my FAV PODCASTS to see if any resonate with you!  Let me know if you have any favs to share, too!

Brie Doyle - Retreats
  • Oprah's Super Soul Sunday -- Interviews with thought leaders and some past shows

  • Bulletproof Radio -- The latest up to date info from longevity biohacker, Dave Asprey

  • The Doctor's Farmacy -- Mark Hymen is the board president for the Institute of Functional Medicine.  If you're fed up with traditional, Western medicine and curious about the benefits of looking at root causes and how to age well, this podcast is for you.

  • The Demartini Show -- The world's leading specialist in human behavior, this podcast offers brilliant insights on relationships, mental fortitude, and how to help you make the most sense of your mental/emotional life. Love this bright and straightforward.

  • The School of Greatness -- I mentioned this one last week, but is worth repeating.  Lewis Howe has the latest and greatest guests in the health/wellness/spiritual world on his show.  And he's just so darn relatable. 

There you have it.  There are countless more, but here's just a few.  Would love to know some of your fav's, too! Here's to your continued evolution.




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