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Please help Coloradans

Dear friends,

With a heavy heart, I write this week to ask for your help.

As many of you know, the communities of Superior, Louisville, and Marshall in Boulder County suffered the State of Colorado's most devastating fires in history on December 30th, 2021.

As the wind raged between 60 and 110mph, the fire was quickly carried from open space to densely populated suburban neighborhoods where the fire couldn't be contained. It was unimaginable. It forced the evacuation of well over 30,000 people and took hundreds of homes as well as businesses, community centers and other structures. With the wind that strong, there was almost nothing that could be done to stop the fires. Nearly 1,000 families lost their homes and all of their personal possessions. Right now the people of Boulder County, Superior, Louisville, Marshall and Broomfield County need our help.

My husband and I started a fund to provide direct assistance to families who have lost their homes. Please help us continue to add to this fund so we can give directly to the families in need. No amount is too small.

Through our fund, over 50 families have signed up to receive assistance (and more each day). The names of many of the families are listed below as well as many of their pictures. 100% of proceeds are being donated to these impacted families. We have a professional who is trained in researching and verifying authenticity of claimants who is helping to ensure legitimacy of all people receiving funds. Giving can have a profound impact to help people get back on their feet. Our objective is to get financial assistance and much needed items in the hands of those who have lost everything.

If you know someone who lost their home: Have them provide their information through this form where we are collecting names, verifying losses, and will be allocating contributions based on number of people in the household. Submit loss information here (link) TARGETED RECIPIENTS OF THE FUNDS: All recipients have been professionally verified for identities and legitimacy of claims. Scroll down for pictures of these families. - Abby McClelland and Family - Donna, Jaclynn, and Sophia Wilson - Michael & Rachel Friedberg and their 8-month old - The Cornejo Family - Kelli Kremer and Family - Luke O'Brien - Lynn Berman - Jennifer Singer-Rupp & Family - The Mathis Family - Sally Melvin - The Knoll Family - The Logan Family - Shana Corning - Aaron Clark and Family - Michael, Katie & Piper Neustedter - Brian Hart - Corey Desimoni - Austin Janego - Trish Imperato and Family - Katie Ferrington and Family - Jennifer Rodriguez and Family - Scott Silverman and Family - Jim Kuca and Family - Adrian Hirsch and Family - Hillary Stark & Family - Christina Eisert & Family - Adam Kogler & Family - Tylia Pangle & Family (5 kids) - Kyle Robbins & Family - Ellen Jardine We have many more families who have applied and are currently being verified.

Thank you for helping us help Coloradans who really need us.

Some of the Families and Targeted Recipients of the Funds:

Donna Wilson & Family

The Friedbergs

Luke O'Brien

The Logan Family

Aaron Clark & Family

Jennifer Rodriguez & Family

Katie Ferrington and Family

Michael Neustedter & Family

Tricia Imperato & Family

The Pangle Family Pictures from the fire:


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