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My Fav Health Hacks

My People,

I love you.

You know what else I love? Health. Like, a lot. I am a wellness fanatic. I love to try everything in the realm of wellness, longevity, spirituality and growth. I have a feeling you're similar.

In honor of this, for this week's blog, I want to share my fav wellness practices lately. They certainly shift, but here are a few of my latest fav's.


  • TruDark glasses -- put them on an hour or two before bed to block out "junk light." Watch yourself sleep like a baby.

  • CBD oil -- I am a fan of Functional Remedies. CBD is an adaptogen that helps relax the body and mind with NO active THC (weed). Take it before bed. Be careful not to take too much so you don't feel groggy in the morning!

  • SomniResonance SR1 -- This is a magical little devise that you stick onto your chest before bedtime. It sends out electromagnetic signals that mimic theta/delta brain waves (sleep brainwaves) so your brain can fall into sync. For those in deep need of some better sleep, this is prob my fav and most useful tool.

  • Magnesium -- Take it before bed and make sure GLYCINATE is the carrier. It helps with sleep. Most of us are magnesium deficient.

  • Eye mask -- Both my hubby and I rock these during the night. It's a black out mask that you can pick up at your local health food store that stays on all night. If you have ANY light in your room during the night, even natural sunlight in the early hours, this could be keeping you awake.


  • Lemon water in the morning (and all day!) -- this helps with your Ph level, keeping you more alkaline than acidic. Acidic environments are where disease grow and fester. When you feel hungry during the day, try a glass of lemon water first to keep your hunger in check.

  • Pre, pro + post biotic -- Dr. Stephen Gundry, author of the Plant Paradox and cardiothoracic surgeon from the famous Clevelend Clinic created this amazing supplement all in one. It's called Bio Complete 3. Best poops of my life, y'all. For real.


  • Rolfing -- Rolfing is a theraputic practice that works with the network of tissues and facia throughout the body. A practitioner manipulates the connective tissue around the muscles, bones, organs and nerves to "restructure" your body back into alignment. I find this WAY more restorative than massage and do it once per month!

  • Infrared Sauna -- Whether you're trying to heal an injury or remove difficult to release toxins such as lead from the body, infrared is good and safe for everyone. (We've even used it on my son!). It helps relieve inflammation, soreness, metabolic waste and increase circulation and oxygen rich blood flow. I try to go at least twice per week.

  • Cold showers -- I hate them, but man are they effective at triggering hormesis (strengthening of cells).

There you have it, folks. Share this article with a friend, and shoot me an email telling me what's working for YOU lately. I'd love to know.

And I am not a doc, so check with your doctor before taking any of my advice. But if you're committed to health like I am, consider giving a few of these a try.

To your health and longevity!




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