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Love on a Mom

The pandemic has been a mix of many emotions, experiences, opportunities and heartbreaks.

It challenges each of us for different reasons.

What I know for sure is that this is an incredibly difficult time for moms with kids at home.

It is not boredom, sadness, fear or loneliness that we experience, all of which have their own challenges.

It's exhaustion. Overwhelm. Fatigue. And burnout.

Sadness, boredom, loneliness and fear are secondary emotions for the mothers of the world right now because frankly, we don't have time to feel the feels. And we don't have the lifelines of support we once did.

"The world we have all been brought up in runs on the unpaid and unacknowledged labor of women and those who operate out of the feminine caring principle."

It's a quote from Dr. Christiane Northrup that I pulled from The Forward of my upcoming book. This sentence has stuck with me ever since I first read what she wrote because it speaks such truth.

Mothers shoulder EVERYTHING. Both because we want to, and because we can. This is the work we do: the unpaid, unacknowledged, and unquantifiable work of a mother.

And yes, we chose it. It's what we want. But a mother's work is never done, now more than ever.

If I am anything at all, it is optimistic. I have primed myself to find the positive. I know you have, too. And there are countless positives bubbling forth from our time in lockdown. No doubt.

But if you are a mother with kids at home, I want you to know that I SEE you. I know what you are handling and it's more than anyone could even imagine right now.

You are doing so well, keep up the incredible work.

And if you are not a mother, but you know one, reach out to her. Tell her how amazing she is, and tell her you see all that she's handling. Be patient if it takes her a while to respond to you right now. She remembers you, and she will.

We all need love and appreciation. Yet quietly and without need for praise or reward, the mothers of the world work in overdrive to keep our future generation happy, healthy, learning and afloat.

But let her know you see her, and her heart will swell beyond measure.

Love on a mother today. Happy holidays.




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