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Local businesses that have changed my life

Dear one,

As I prepare to relocate to a new community, I've been reflecting on what I'll miss about Boulder.

This week, I want to share with you 3 local, woman-run businesses that have absolutely changed life, and are a part of my personal and professional team.

Check out their services and see how they might up-level your life, too. These ladies are the best of the best in Boulder, and great news -- their offerings go beyond just this area.

1. Jackie Ames of Sky and Ground Rolfing

"What I love most about my work as a Rolfer is in the course of 75-90 minutes, I'm able to make an impact I can SEE and the client can FEEL. Often that means getting them out of pain...and not uncommonly those results are sustained."

As a result of starting to run too soon after having children, I incurred a nagging hip injury that influenced my daily mobility. An active person my whole life, I was crushed. I tried everything to heal myself -- acupuncture, physical therapy, hot/cold therapy, massage, you name it.

But after just one Rolfing session with Jackie, I knew I had found what I'd been missing.

Rolfing is a form of bodywork that reorganizes the connective tissues, called fascia, that weave around AND through every muscle, tendon, ligament, and organ of the body.

The mobility of your facia influences your posture, mobility, pain levels and general sense of bodily spaciousness (or lack thereof). Jackie's job as a Rolfer® is to release and reorganize that web to improve all four of those factors.

Rolfing feels at times like deep tissue massage, at times like physical therapy, but I ALWAYS leave Jackie's office feeling lighter, more aligned, and more mobile. I now schedule monthly visits as preventative care.

It is the most effective bodywork I've found.

Jackie is a true healer. Also an astrologer, a philosopher, family constellation facilitator, every session with Jackie offers profound insights and conversation, beyond just physical ease.

If you're looking to feel better in your body, schedule a Rolf session (or an astrology session!) with Jackie HERE or contact her via email:

2. Anne Matzke of Dawson Design

"What I love most about what I do is working with all kinds of people and businesses, being creative every day, and helping clients create beautiful brands they’re proud of."

As my business started to grow and my book launch date came closer, I realized I was in desperate need of rebranding.

Thankfully, I knew just the person to turn to: Anne of Dawson Design. Anne is a graphic designer specializing in brand strategy, website design, and packaging design. She works with small start-ups and established businesses. Her clients range from health and wellness, natural foods, to entertainment and fashion and more.

Anne helped me give my website a fresh, new look. She designed my logo, creates my retreat swag, created hot, new business cards I was proud to hand out, and more. She really up-leveled the look and feel of my brand, and continues to be my go-to designer for all my business needs.

Anne values collaboration and cares deeply about her clients' success. Her work is classy, modern, fresh and consistent. I always trust Anne to help me graphically reflect what I want to share in the world.

If you're looking for website design, branding or style help in any fashion, there's no one more attentive, professional, and inspiring than Anne Matzke of Dawson Design.

Check out her website or email her directly for inquiries:

3. Sally + Jess of PeaksFit

"Our favorite part about running PeaksFit is helping others become a happier, stronger, more confident and well-balanced version of themselves."

After being stuck indoors from the pandemic, my husband and I were eager to find a more meaningful way to exercise. Having gone to Orange Theory for a few years, we remembered this dynamic couple who used to teach there, but left to open their own studio: PeaksFit.

My husband tried it first. He came home after each session swearing he'd never worked out harder. It reminded him of college basketball training. I went just once to realize Jess and Sally's personalized strength and plyometric training was just the kind of exercise I needed, as opposed to running for miles.

Having done their workouts for the past few months, I feel healthier and stronger than I did pre-pandemic.

Both sharing a passion to help others surpass their goals, Jess + Sally work with men and women of all ages and abilities, as well as young children getting into fitness or specific training for their sport.

They pride themselves on giving personalized attention to their members through innovative and regularly changing workouts. In addition to fitness, they offer nutritional guidance, and percentage of muscle to body fat testing. They are highly skilled at working with folks from every level of fitness.

Aside from regular classes in Boulder you can learn more about HERE, they offer personal training, live or via video (you can access them from your own house!).

If you're ready to get after your fitness goals and you want the personalized guidance of expert trainers, these women are the top of their field.

Follow them on Instagram, sign up for one of their classes, or email them for more info:

I love sharing my favorite things and people. And there's nothing more powerful than women supporting other women. Keep in touch with these powerhouse women who are doing big things and see how they could change your life.

May they benefit you like they have me.

To your wellness,


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