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Little Girl Dreams

Dear Friend,

I keep this pic of myself as a 5 year old (in lederhosen!) in my office. I look at it daily. It reminds me of who I was, and what is elemental about me.

I believe our childhoods hold clues for us. Who were we back then, and what have we always loved? This kind of inquiry can bring us back on line when we feel we've fallen off course.

For me, it was always writing.

I remember locking myself in my room, flipping on my desk lamp and stapling pages together for my stories. I'd spend hours writing them, drawing pictures for them, and planning for the next one.

It was also teaching.

I used to sit my brothers down and make them listen to whatever it was I felt like teaching that day. They'd listen for about 5 seconds, but I kept trying.

All this is to say, it's an absolute blessing to get to spend my life doing the things I've always loved. And I have you to thank for that. I know full well that none of this would be happening for me if it wasn't for you.

As the year comes to a close, I want you to know how much you mean to me. That you continue to show up -- to read my blogs, my books, to retreats, for Soul Sessions, to take my online courses, and ask me to come into your businesses and circles, means everything to me.

Thank you for trusting me, and for sharing your precious time with me. It is one of my deepest honors to serve you.

The old adage is true: the quality of your relationships equals the quality of your life. I have learned so much, laughed endlessly, worked and loved harder than I could have imagined as a result of my relationship with you.

Thank you. Truly.

In honor of the lessons we learn from retreating, I am going to sign off now for the year to retreat to my family. I will look forward to connecting with you, sharing the latest in mental and emotional health, and creative inspiration with you in the coming year. I can't WAIT to retreat with some of you, soon.

But for now, please know how incredibly thankful I am for you. Because of you, I get to live little girl dreams.

From mine to yours, happy holidays.


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