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I've missed you

Dear Friends,

It's been an incredible summer. My book: YOU SHOULD LEAVE NOW: Going on Retreat to Find Your Way Back to Yourself, launched into the world this July. It continues to make its way to new people and it comes out abroad in September!

Sharing its message -- the power of retreat to bring us back to ourselves, and cultivate our inner lives, has been such a delight. Thank you for reading it, for your continued Amazon reviews, for sharing it with your friends and family, and for helping me spreading the word.

Many of you attended my DREAM event at Hope Hill Farms. What a DREAM it was. Beautiful music by Jon Sousa and Adam Agee, delicious food by Blackbelly and many wonderful people in a stunning setting.

It was lovely night, and it meant so much to share it with many of you.

And hosting an event at the Boulder Book Store had always been a dream of mine, too. It was so great to see many of you there.

Photos by Haley Reidy

I've been interviewed on numerous podcasts recently. And more book tour events are forthcoming. Be sure to check back on the Appearances Page to listen to and see what events are forthcoming.

Wow. It's been a whirlwind and a dream. Thank you for your role in it. I'm so proud to have so many of your stories in my book. And so honored to share the powerful work of retreat with you.

I look forward to getting back to regular, weekly blogging about the latest in mental and emotional wellness.

You have my word -- I will never stop reading, researching, and sharing all the best that I find with you so we may all shine from the inside, out.

I thank you for your loyal readership -- of my book, of this blog, and for your participation in in this community.

I hope to see you on retreat, soon.


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