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How to Live Your Dreams

Inspiring Friend,

Happy New Year! I hope you're feeling jazzed about the New Year.

2020 is off to a hot start for me. I have some BIG news that I can finally share, publicly!


Those of you who know me, personally, know that this is one of my biggest childhood dreams. I have written 5 books, and have been doing everything possible to bring these babies out into the world. In dark times, I feared it would never happen.

After ten years, the time has finally come. I can hardly believe it. The amount of happy tears I have cried could fill a dry riverbed.

In honor of this, I want to share my thoughts on how to make a dream come true.

I know you have dreams, too. Big ones. Ones that feel impossible, unrealistic and perhaps out of reach.

But this is YOUR year, YOUR season, YOUR time.

Here's to living the life we've dreamed of...


The first step to live a dream is to get real freaking clear on what your dream actually IS. Do you want to learn to fly a plane? Travel somewhere special? Speak in front of 100 people? Or 1,000? Start and run a successful business? Be a multi-millionaire? A billionaire?

Having something out of reach to strive for makes us feel alive. It makes us grow and gives us motivation to keep stretching. But if we lack clarity, we can't be surprised when 10 years from now, we have gone no where.

We have to point our arrow, and aim with unwavering focus and clarity.


I've received countless advice to share your dreams with everyone you meet. Talk about them and tell people because then, you'll be more accountable. You will have verbalized your desires out into the world.

It is my belief and experience that we should do the exact opposite.

Dreams are at first fragile -- ideas, concepts, creations, that have not yet come into form. To the outside world, our dream may sound crazy. And frankly, we don't need other people's buy in.

Sure, share with a few trusted friends. But keep a guard at the door of your dreams. Your dreams are about you, and no one else. At least at first. You will come up against enough of your own demons. You don't need the demons of others, too.

Head down, do the work, mouth shut. Create something extraordinary that is worth talking about later.


Our subconscious mind runs the majority of our behavior, contrary to what we'd like to think. And it is outcome focused: it wants to bring an internally expressed dream to life.

So, once you've found your clarity, be open to receiving signs. Pay attention to your nighttime dreams. Notice patterns, messages in nature, or seemingly "random" connections.

Nothing is random, and every interaction can teach you something, if you view it as such.

The question is are you listening?


Incredible discoveries, breakthroughs, understandings and accomplishments are rarely made in groups, at least initially. They are made by individual brains, and supported, then spread by masses.

This is precisely why I started my business: to offer framework for being alone in a meaningful way. We cannot always be around people (family, friends, co-workers) and expect to hear our own voices, or receive critical spirit and subconscious messages. We have to step away, go against the grain, and find ourselves, ALONE.

We are so scared to really be alone. But it is essential. Only in making space will you find clarity. And once you find clarity, you'll realize how important it is to make regular space.

5. LET GO --

Gripping is an act of the ego. We attach to outcomes innocently because our desire is so strong. I know this so deeply from personal experience. I remember years of desperate prayers: May I PLEASE find a way to get my books out into the world!

I wanted it so badly, that the lack of it ruled my every thought. Rejection breeds obsession. So I found myself constantly researching, querying, hustling to make it all work out. But we cannot will the bud to open when her season has not yet come.

It wasn't until I formally decided to "let go" of my dream, that it actually came together for me.

As a result of a subconscious vision, I decided I was fighting too hard. I said to myself (and out loud in meditation).

"Okay Universe, I trust you. And I am ready. You let me know when the time is ripe, and I will do whatever is needed to make it happen. Until then, I will enjoy my beautiful life."

Within a year, and without my pushing, I received the email that changed my life.


It may sounds silly, but ACTUALLY say thank you to yourself in your head (or out loud!) when you start to receive signs that things are moving in the direction you've always dreamed of. Whether the sign is big or small, be thankful and make a point to stop and acknowledge this gratitude.

We get more of what we focus on. If we are focused on how thankful we are that things are coming together for us, guess what's gonna happen?


Here's to living your dreams. Making them manifest is exactly why you are here. Do us all a favor and get after it!



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