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How retreating changes your life

When I introduced myself at the start of the IGNITE Retreat just two weeks ago, I told participants:

"Never before have I been more convicted in the power of this work, and in gathering for a higher spiritual intent."

And it's true. When I hosted my first retreat, I wanted folks to have a great time, learn something new about themselves, and go home feeling inspired.

Now, I know with total confidence, that retreating can absolutely change your life.

Here's how:


We are all energetic beings. Made of form, yes, but alive with energy. Many of us live arrhythmic lives -- working too much, ingesting too much (media, booze, social pressure, toxins, etc.), not sleeping enough, disconnected from nature, and unsure of our purpose or place.

Living like this makes tiny cuts in our energetic fields. We start to notice we feel tired all the time, sad, uninspired or disconnected. As a result, our energy drops and we create a perpetuating circle, living life from a low energy state.

When we live in low energy states, we are more susceptible to illness and even disease. Our bodies and minds literally become hosts to infections of all kinds because we don't have the energy to fight them off, as a healthy body does.

The human body has vibrational frequency down to the cellular level. Higher frequency in the body, results in better health. It has been shown that a normal healthy body has a frequency of 62–72 MHz. Colds start around 58 MHz and cancer and disease show up when our vibration is closer to 42 MHz.

When we go on retreat, we have the chance to REBUILD our energetic stores and create a new pattern of relating to ourselves. This comes from handling our basic needs first while retreating.

  • We sleep

  • We eat nourishing food

  • We spend time outside

  • We meditate and make time for introspection

  • We do yoga, read inspiring work, dance and laugh

  • We interrupt our patterns

  • We reflect on our life now

  • We envision our future

  • We take ownership of where we need to grow

This work realigns us with our CENTER. When we live from our center, we access our full wisdom, insight, and power.

And when we feel alive, our energy matches our inner sentiment.


Often times, we can't pinpoint why we feel "off," we just know we do. When you actually take the time to step away, you see your life more clearly back home.

  • Do you need to let go of a certain friendship?

  • Would you like to give more attention to your spouse?

  • Have you been relating with your son or daughter in an unhealthy way?

  • Do you have a new inspiring project you'd like to begin?

  • Is there someone you'd like to spend more time with?

  • Or perhaps someone you need to forgive?

These are the awakenings that result from retreating. Retreating offers us the opportunity to reevaluate our lives and decide what tiny, 2 millimeter changes we can make now that will have massive implications over the course of a lifetime.

When we start to see our lives more clearly, we're better able to take ownership of every piece of our lives, from our families and relationships, to our mental health.

100% responsibility for your life offers you 100% freedom. And self-awareness and ownership are the keys to healing pain and living dreams.


So much of our lives are spent connecting to ourselves and others in shallow and transactional ways. When we dig beneath the surface and ask bigger questions of ourselves and others, we feel a deep sense of meaning.

We all yearn to be seen and understood. Having a structure to connect with ourselves and each other about what really matters in life, allows our shared humanity to shine forth. We see all people as teachers and friends on our spiritual path. Life feels more intentional, even the difficult relationships.

Life is all about the meaning we give it. And when we're in a good space mentally, emotionally and energetically, we're more apt to associate self-affirming meaning to all that unfolds in our lives. Retreating puts us in this space and gives us the chance to make empowering associations to all aspects of our lives.

The more we practice making meaning in healthy ways, the easier it becomes when we're back in the world, living day to day.

Whether it's in a group or on your own, it's time to put your next retreat on the calendar. It's not a selfish luxury, rather a humble necessity. Your very wellness depends on it.


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