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How do you AWAKEN?

Dear ones,

I'm just back from the AWAKEN Retreat in Nosara, Costa Rica and settling back into life in Boulder. Boy, it was another incredible retreat with dynamic, heroic, fearless, fun and inspiring women.

This year, I want to share more about the nature of AWAKENING, as this is the inspiration for this retreat.

I'm highly driven by growth. So personal breakthroughs and witnessing others have their own breakthroughs is what I live for. It's why I started this biz. I believe the real reason people retreat with me is because they're seeking their own breakthroughs. And it's my job to create the environment and triggers for them to have them.

And as a teacher, I bring all kinds of modalities.

We watch documentaries

We listen to strategically chosen gentle or intense music

We delve into the different brainwave states

We dance - gracefully and to trance

We get beneath the hood of what matters in life, we skip the surface level crap

I use harsh language to pierce the subconscious

I use maternal language to elicit comfort

We spend time in silence and in conversation

We dial in our habits - meditation, daily yoga, and breath, clean eating + more

We share in ceremony, that is lacking in our modern world

We talk about spirit, energy and what lies beyond the 5 senses

We release toxins of the mind and of the body

We freaking DO. THE. WORK.

I love every minute of watching what unfolds in these sacred containers of retreat.

On retreat, we witnessed courageous souls AWAKEN

  • A woman with chronic hip pain saw the nature of the energetic and emotional trigger that had kept it there, and released it. INCREDIBLE

  • A woman who'd lost everything - her house, her pets and more, in a recent fire laughed hysterically when talking about her "address," thus showing herself (and us all) her propensity to live from JOY no matter her external circumstance. INCREDIBLE

  • A woman received symbolic messages from visits by Costa Rican animals (monkeys! Crocs! Pisos!) that she encoded meaning about her life back home. INCREDIBLE

These are just a few of the breakthroughs that were shared publicly.

Some of my personal breakthroughs included:

  • The need to let more of my humor show in the work I share with the world. A little less Namaste, a little more naughty rebel (the real me) if I want to continue to connect with who I am most suited to benefit.

  • My one-on-one Soul Sessions that are perhaps the most meaningful part of retreat (and my work) for me. I love digging deep with one person and helping uncover new frames and possibilities.

If you've subscribed to this site, you, too, seek new ways to creatively evolve.

Here are a few final thoughts, whether on retreat or not, about how to elicit your AWAKENING:

  1. If you are in a space of struggle in your life, be watchful for signs, messages, connections and new ideas. Your breakthrough is often on the other side of your struggle. Your life is giving you clues all the time. Start being open to receiving them.

  2. If you are in a space of manifestation and abundance, be sure to take time to slow it down and be thankful. Success and happiness favor the grateful heart.

  3. If you are in a space of limbo, unsure of which direction to go or what really matters now -- do two things to find your breakthrough. First, take some sort of action. Actions give you information. As in: "yes, I like this...more please!" or "no, I hate this...less, please." When you do nothing and stay in your head, you go no where. Take action and get out of your head. And second, dial in your habits. Exercise, sleep, take care of your basic needs. When you take care of yourself, your message will come and with your healthy habits, you will be primed to see it.

Here's to your AWAKENING.


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