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Honor YOUR Earth

Happy Earth Day, Luminescent Beings!

I love the wisdom that ancient Ayurvedic science offers about the 5 Elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Space + Air.

I believe working to keep these elements balanced in ourselves allows for all aspects of our lives to flourish, internally and externally.

COVID 19 has been a real experience in groundlessness. There's just so much uncertainty. As a result, we find ourselves collectively seeking ground.

In honor of this and of Earth Day, this week's blog is about finding your own earth and ground, despite what may be happening externally.

Here are 5 Ways to Honor YOUR Earth in this time of groundlessness...

1. Hands, feet and buns in the dirt!

Native Americans spoke about how disconnected we became as a species the moment we started wearing shoes to walk the earth. Most of us spend days, months, years even without letting our bare feet touch the earth.

We are all energetic beings and the earth emits a natural frequency, too. When we remove the barrier between ourselves and the natural world, we cannot help but benefit.

So get out there today! Plant something, take your shoes off, hug a tree and notice if you can sense its rooted frequency. Or have a picnic on the ground and soak up the earth energy (keep your pants on - or not! Ha!).

2. Eat roasted root veggies and soups.

Consuming foods that come straight from the ground creates a sense of rooting and completeness in our bellies. The organs associated with the earth element are the spleen and the stomach. Cooked and warm root vegetables and soups are easy on digestion. They are satiating on a physical level, which leaves us feeling rooted on a mental/emotional level, too.

In Colorado, there's still a nip in the air at night, so soups are perfect for right now. And with radishes, sweet potato, squash, carrot, and beets of all kinds in season right now, it's a perfect time to throw together a medley of veggies -- add some olive oil, salt and rosemary, and roast those babies up!

3. Take a warm bath.

The effect of sitting in warm water and allowing our bodies to soften has the same cellular effect on our energy body. Full and luscious nights of sleep allow us to feel rooted and calm. And warm water before bed creates a beautiful transition ritual to allow for earthly qualities of calm, centeredness and intentionality to permeate our bodies, physical and otherwise.

4. Connect with your sense of abundance.

The essence of earth quality is steadfastness. In your journal, take a moment to recognize all you DO have. List your gratitudes, do at least ten. Connect to your sense of inner safety, despite what may be happening around you.

Write about your finances. How are you stable, even during all of this. And if you are not, spend some time cultivating what your next steps will be to begin to create a new and rooted foundation after our restrictions lift. Visualize it, write it out and take one step today.

5. Share your EARTH with an important contact.

Reach out to one important friend, family member or contact and have a conversation with them. These times remind us of the most important relationships we do have, and how the less important ones easily fade away.

Tell this person why they're important to you, and through each other, you can create your own sense of ground.

Here's to feeling rooted in our own inner Earth. Happy Earth Day, y'all.



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