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Highlights from IGNITE 2020

Dear One,

I just returned home after the IGNITE Retreat in Crestone, CO.  What a beautiful and sacred experience it was.

1.  Ceremony + Ritual --  Throughout the course of the weekend, we made space to make it sacred.  We sat in circles, lit candles, metaphorically burned limiting beliefs, dipped in healing waters, experimented with sexy and Divine feminine movement, took a pilgrimage to a holy site, and more. Making space for the DIVINE is one of my favorite parts of retreat.  Ceremony and ritual help us mark moments to do this. 2.  Stretched Our Understanding -- The content this weekend is about masculine and feminine energy as well as inspired intimacy.  We took a close look at how WE contribute to challenges in relationships.  It's always easiest to point a finger.  What are OUR patterns of disempowerment?  And how do we spread them onto our partners, children and all masculine connections? We reevaluated what it means to be feminine and how to find our way back to our feminine knowing, that is so often undervalued. 3.  Pilgrimage -- We took a hike up to the Tashi Gomang Stupa to see the sunset.  We sat quietly in prayer or meditation as the sun went down and we felt the strong energy of such a sacred site.  We looked out over the vast Sangre Di Cristo mountains and remembered that there is something much bigger than we are at play, here. We can relax... 4.  Conscious Connections -- Perhaps one of my favorite part about hosing retreats is allowing for space to go deep with each other.  We spend most of our lives talking about surface level things. Social media perpetuates this reality. But when we come together for retreat, there is a higher spiritual intent.  We are there to learn, grow, take ownership of our lives, be honest with ourselves and others.  Watching this unfold between the participants is ALWAYS one of my favorite parts. 5.  The Healing Waters -- Being able to hop in and out of natural hot springs at multiple points in the day -- to see sunrise, at night to star gaze -- was not only healing, but inspiring.  With so much fire in our environment and in our minds, there is nothing like water to soothe our external and internal worlds and spirits.




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