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Grab Your Dreams

What's your next dream?

Is it traveling somewhere amazing (post COVID)? Are you interested in a massive career shift? Do you want to reignite passion into your relationship? Or find someone amazing to age beautifully with?

Maybe you want to upgrade your house, start a biz or write a book. What is it?

If you've gone after a dream, you know of the yearning of wanting something so badly, you'd do anything to make it happen.

I remember years of chasing my book deal dream, fearful that it would never come together for me. I'd wake up in the middle of the night in a panic because, though I was doing everything I knew how, it just wasn't coming together.

It literally crushed my spirit.

But then, a window of opportunity opened...

So how do we manifest our dreams? What does it take to bring them into form?

Certainly, it's a lot of right action, clarity and hustle. But I believe it has even more to do with our mental state than any particular action we take.

We live most of our lives operating from our conscious minds. We respond to our environment and spend our waking moments doing, doing, doing.

The problem with this is, many of us have deep seated stories held in our subconscious mind that are unknowingly holding us back from what we really want. And we keep "doing" despite it.

Unless we have a way to access our subconscious, whose function makes up 92% of the size of our brain, we spend our lives awhirl in playing out our predictable patterns, some empowering, many disempowering, that were put into play when we were children.

But so much more is possible.

When we familiarize ourselves with the deeper parts of our brain, through inquiry work and specific meditation, we have the potential to literally rewire ourselves to be unstoppable.

Look out dreams, we're coming for you!

This is the exact inquiry we're about to dive into in our upcoming, virtual retreat: MANIFEST. If the idea of getting your mind wired for your own greatness sounds exciting to you, I'd love to invite you to join me.

You'll learn:

  • An understanding of various brain states and how to elicit each one to allow for insights

  • How to rewire a new, empowering pattern into your subconscious mind

  • How to clarify your desire on a somatic level

  • How to connect with the quantum field of infinite possibility using meditation tactics 

  • Specific practices including restorative yoga, breath and energy work, meditation, journaling and ceremony to manifest your desire

Walk away with tools, strategies and inspiration to make your dreams a reality.

I can't wait to explore the deeper parts of our mind together. I'd be honored to have you on this journey.

Here's to living our dreams,


MANIFEST Virtual Retreat

May 31, 2020

1-5pm, MST


*Note: this retreat welcomes men and all gender and non-binary identifying folks. One tuition is good for the entire household, so a whole family can join!

Looking for in person retreat options?

Join us!


Crestone, Colorado

October 16-18, 2020


Reclaim your feminine fire as we explore principles of feminine and masculine energy, and their influence on our intimate relationships.


Boulder, Colorado

November 14, 2020


Ground with other conscious women before the holiday season so you can go in with grace.


Denver, Colorado

January 9, 2021


Recommit to your dreams by exploring visioning work and the 5 Elements to bring about your most extraordinary year yet.


Steamboat Springs, Colorado

April 29-May 2, 2021


Take your health to the next level at this transformational cleanse for body, mind and spirit.


Nosara, Costa Rica

February 12-19, 2022


Reconnect to your most authentic self at this transformational women's self-discovery retreat.


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