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Coronavirus: An Opportunity


are the two main emotions humans experience. All others stem from these two taproots.

At a time that's being classified as a global pandemic, we have the opportunity to watch how we respond with curiosity, and learn about ourselves, our patterns, and our psychology. This offers critical insight into who we are, and where we still have room for growth.

Ask yourself: how am I responding to adversity now?

Are we overreacting with fear? Frustration? Anxiety? Do we pretend nothing is happening, and continue to have face-to-face meetings and play dates, despite warnings? Do we over-schedule our days with webinars or online social circles because we fear moments of down time or lack of control? Do we swing from one emotion to the next? Are we taking on everyone else's burdens and running ourselves ragged in order to help?

Or can we relax into what is happening and allow for a new, moment-by-moment normal to evolve? Can we be with ourselves amidst the external chaos?

Pattern interrupts like this offer valuable information about our modus operandi which is often difficult to otherwise uncover. Once we hone in on our reaction, we ask ourselves:

  • Where/how else do I behave this way in my life?

  • Is this helpful/healthy?

  • Do I want to keep this conditioned response, or work to change it?

What's so unique about a 'disruption' such as this is it reminds us of our human condition, which is groundlessness.

The thing is, we believe we have solid ground. We build schedules, careers and networks around what we believe is solid. And what is true is that our entire life is an experience in groundlessness.

Disruption is always our greatest teacher.

We do not know when we will fall ill, when we will lose a loved one, or a job. We merely act believing it will "never happen to me."

In the midst of chaos, we have the opportunity to either wake ourselves up, or put ourselves to sleep. Especially when the outcome is not going in the direction of our choosing. How, then do we respond? Do we close and fill the void with our normal distractions? Or can we remain open to what is right in front of us?

In times of uncertainty, we remind ourselves of our emotional muscle. This is how we sculpt and strengthen our spirits. If we never have opponents, we have no idea what we're capable of. The obstacle is always the way for growth.

So, we relax.

We let go of our ideas and expectations, our firm beliefs about who we are, what we need, and how our family or business is supposed to run. We allow our fixed ideals to soften to make way for a more evolved and present-moment self, family, community and world.

If you are depressed, you are living in the past.

If you are anxious you are living in the future.

If you are at peace, you are living in the present. -Lao Tzu

There has never been a time to practice presence like right now. Managing our mental health is the way to maintain calm amidst the storm.

To paraphrase Joe Dispenza: "We do what is unnatural in the midst of crisis - when others feel lack and poverty, we give. When others are angry and judging, we love. We demonstrate courage and peace when everyone around us is in fear. We let go of outcomes we cannot control. We cultivate the feeling of wholeness when we're diagnosed as sick."

Wishing you physical, and mental wellness.





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