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Become COVID Resilient

COVID has been a wild, reflective experiment in psychology. On one hand, we see people riddled with fear - never setting foot outside their doors, avoiding other humans at all cost, or using the pandemic as a reason to be rude or unreasonable.

The other extreme is complete denial - people showing up regularly to large gatherings, or not wearing masks in busy, public places.

Most of us fall somewhere in the middle of the extremes of fear and denial. Or we oscillate back and forth between feeling fearful, and feeling over it. And our actions follow our psychology. Even with a vaccine coming, multiple experts suggest that the virus will become endemic. (This is what typically happens in society with viruses.) Knowing that the virus will be here for a while, we have some choices to make when considering staying physically and psychologically well. One of the first principles in healthy psychology is focusing on what you CAN control, and less of what you can't. You can't predict if you'll get the virus from touching a food item from the grocery store. But you CAN strengthen your immune system to make yourself more resilient should COVID come knocking. Here are 4 tips to strengthen your immunity RIGHT NOW:

  1. Get Vitamin D levels UP.* This is one of the first lines of defense for patients who actually have COVID. Take it daily for a preventative measure.

  2. Stop eating seed oils and fried foods. This will allow your metabolism to improve.

  3. Cut sugar intake SUBSTANTIALLY. This may be difficult during the holidays, but work to cut it down if elimination feels like too much.

  4. Drink less or stop drinking all together. Alcohol damages your cells, which harms overall immunity.

There you have it. None of this makes you invincible, but managing your immunity will make you more resilient, no matter what life brings your way.

Wellness is an inside job. And focusing on what you CAN influence will make you feel mentally better, too. So, instead of living from the low level vibration of fear, here's to doing what you CAN to bolster your wellbeing.







*(I am not a medical professional. Please consult your doctor if you have questions.)


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