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Be Bad

My People,

From one rebel to another, I'd like encourage your inner BAD girl to come out.

I know, I know, you are a good girl (or guy!). You are used to doing what people expect of you. You show up on time, follow through for your friends and family, and generally try to do the right thing.

But when was the last time you did something REBELLIOUS? When was the last time you did something for no other reason then because it felt freaking good? When was the last time you indulged?

One of the best qualities I learned from my Pops is to question authority. Not in a disrespectful way. But in a way that allowed me to do things my own style. Take things in, try them on for size, and then say HELL NO!, if they don't fit.

My business is an expression of my inner rebel.

I didn't go to business school. I honestly didn't even mean to start a business. I just wanted to create something badass, bring amazing people together, and create transformations and live !!BIG!! lives in support of one another.


Four years later I have a business and a book deal, and hundreds of soul friends I've been blessed to work with. And it's all because I swore to never take a desk job, or work for anyone else at the expense of my time, again.

You see where your inner bad girl can take you? Places, y'all. Places.

So my message for you today is simple: BE BAD.

Be badder than bad. And celebrate that part of you that is screaming from the inside saying NOOOOOOO! Not me! Not now! Not this time! I don't want to!

Stop should-ing all over yourself. Your inner rebel knows something your outside self may not yet have caught onto.

And those messages will take you right to the heart of your truth. Right where you'll make your baddest decisions from.

Be BAD, bitches (and bro's).



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