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AWAKEN Highlights - 2020

Photo by Haley Hawn Photography // (Desi, Tristy + Jacque not pictured)

Inspiring friend,

It is hard to capture the depth of what unfolds on a week long retreat. All I can say is this -- Retreat changes lives, it transforms consciousness, and elevates the soul. After working with hundreds of people over the past many years, I say this with complete confidence.

I love all the Retreats I host, wholeheartedly. But AWAKEN is my very favorite one. Years worth of growth, insight, and inspiration are found in one luscious week of retreat.

It takes my breath away EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Read below to hear about some of the highlights...


One of my genius participants described the work that we did this year as "primal." I couldn't agree with her more.

We worked a lot with the subconscious mind this year, and whether we were walking together in silence in the dark, envisioning our new future under candlelight then celebrating together, or dancing in Oceana shala, the way we related to each other was so much deeper than day to day, surface level talk.

Spending time in groups of empowering women, digging below the surface and feeling held together allows for a society where we draw strength from one another. Together, we wove this intimate web of love and trust at AWAKEN.

And it was extraordinary.

2. SIGNS, SIGNS and more SIGNS --

One of the beautiful things about stepping out of our day to day for Retreat is we see the world again like a child. We are open, and as a result, we are more highly attuned to synchronicity and energy operating in the world.

For me this trip, my signs came in the form of insects. I noticed butterflies sitting in significant places, or fluttering by when I was thinking important thoughts. Ants and roaches taught me to take better care of myself. AND we had a woman on this very retreat who studies bugs and taught us all to love and learn from every last, tiny one.

Once we tune in to the messages all around us, which are so easy to find on Retreat, we realize they are there in our life back home too. We just have to be open to receiving in all forms.

Our bug expert, Melissa! (Photo credit Haley Hawn)


This is one of my favorite parts about AWAKEN. In yoga and in curriculum, we talk a great deal about the power of withholding. The benefits of this experiment come after we withhold. And so, we allow ourselves a day of silence.

We read, we do inquiry in our books, we explore the beach, but overall, we are silent.

The surge of power that comes as a result of this day always astounds me. I continue to get feedback that this is among the most favored part every year.

It's a precious reminder that strength comes from going against the flow of filling every last moment of our lives with activity, noise and distraction. Instead, we find stillness. It is here, in the depth of our being, where we find our greatest sources of light.

I look forward to having you on Retreat soon,



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