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AWAKEN 2023 Reflections

Dear reader,

As I write to you on International Women's Day, I am overwhelmed by feelings of awe and gratitude for you and for this community. I am just a gal from Boulder, Colorado who had a few ideas and big dreams when I was in my own state of internal strife. That you keep showing up to read my blogs, read/share my book, join me on retreats, in Soul Sessions, and in courses still blows my mind.

I am so darn thankful for you.

I am just back from the AWAKEN Retreat in Costa Rica, and riding the high as I reflect on another beautiful, meaningful retreat experience. As I sift through high points, and ideas to change for next time, I realize I have now served over 1,000 women since I started this business in 2016. I'm serving more and more men in 1-on-1's now than ever, too.

Thank you for trusting me with your time and your heart. It is everything to me.

There is so much to say on the heels of a retreat, and so much to feel, too. In holding space for these retreats, I learn so much about myself each time I do it.

For me, this retreat was a year of great healing. As many of you know, I made an announcement to stop hosting retreats a few months back. I felt certain it was what needed to happen in order to pursue other creative endeavors, while prioritizing my family.

What this retreat taught me, what these women reminded me of, is the pure love and initial intention from which I started these retreats.

I started them because I believed in the healing power of retreat. I knew if retreat could offer me so much strength, calm, and inspiration, surely it could others.

I believed in the value of conscious community. Community, I've learned, can have a dark side. If you've ever been a part of a toxic friend group, organization, family, sorority, etc., you understand what I am saying here.

But I knew that if we gathered with a higher intent, and we went deep into what really matters in life, naturally, we'd create a bond of love and compassion together. Love is all we really are when we get beneath the surface-level stuff.

I believed that if we got quiet, made time to journal, do yoga, sleep, be in the sun and sand, meditate and read -- really rested -- we'd come back to our center.

I believed in the alchemical power of the circle, in ceremony, in dance, in song and in movement to bring us back to life.

I was reminded of it all this year.

As each group does, the women this year showed up to play full out. They didn't come to dip their toes in. They came to give it their effing all. Hold nothing back. They stayed late after ceremonies. The showed up early to yoga, and to Heart Curriculum workshops. They connected, heart-to-heart, with each other in tears, truths, and laughter.

It was magic to watch.

Once again, I am humbled by this work, and these women.

In all my years doing this, I believe I now fully understanding who my work is really for. And perhaps more importantly, who it is not for. If you come to party, predominantly socialize, or get a tour of your surroundings, my retreats are not for you.

But if you come to heal, understand, and be inspired to love yourself and your life more fully, I've got an experience for you, baby.

I'm about the inside game. Sure, the set and setting always adds powerful context; I only choose to host in places with energetic resonance. But the journey we take is an inner one. Because living from an awakened and well inside is what makes the outside bright.

So, with gratitude for you in my heart, I am delighted to continue my retreat hosting journey. It is my great honor. I am thankful to ALL of you, in all the ways you show up. Whether that's a read, a retreat, or just a thought of love shared.

And to all you women today, you have changed my life. To its very core. Thank you, bless you.

I sure hope to have you on retreat soon.

Lion pose with these Queens:).


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