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Announcing DREAM Retreat!

Dear ones,

Do you have dreams that you have yet to manifest? Or maybe you've lived a few of your dreams and are searching for the next one to put your heart and soul behind.

No matter where you are in the process of dreaming, I have an exciting new retreat I'd love to invite you to...

It's called the DREAM Retreat in Baja, Mexico, October 17-22, 2023.

I have long been fascinated by the significance of dreams, in both sleeping and waking states, and the role of the subconscious mind in manifesting these dreams.

In my own life, cultivating my intuitive powers is one of my continued aspirations. Conversations about energy, spirit and soul, and what lies beyond the five senses invigorate and inspire me. Do they for you as well?

One of the truths I've found about intuitive work is that when we're constantly "on," working, hustling, and going at a pace that society normalizes, but that our bodies and spirits struggle to attune to, it's difficult to see beyond the material world.

Our dreams come from the immaterial.

If we're not living in accordance with our dreams, we may feel regularly exhausted, energetically low, struggle in relationships, or even have manifestations of nagging and difficult to diagnose health problems.

All of these commonly experienced symptoms can be the result of what Dr. Christiane Northrup calls "Emotional Stuffing." This habit, that many women are so good at -- telling ourselves that everything is "just fine" on the surface and pushing through, when the truth is there are some real needs, truths, dreams, and creative aspirations begging to be met -- can keep our dreams at a distance.

But this is what the DREAM Retreat was created for.

DREAM is a retreat of deep rest, renewal and attunement.

Using techniques of nidra and restorative yoga, meditation, sacred ceremony, introspective dream and subconscious mind work, we allow our spirits to settle into a pace that supports flourishing creativity, heart and mind alignment, and nervous system ease. Participants leave DREAM feeling grounded, renewed and inspired.

This is an intimate retreat. There will be only 18 participants, with 6 individual rooms and 6 double rooms.

If you'd like to join me and are interested in learning more CLICK HERE for information.

Here's to all your deepest dreams. May you actualize them all.


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