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A Lil Yoga Love

Incredible Community,

It is times like this that I feel so thankful to have your readership and participation. Getting to know you, and work with you brings me such a deep sense of purpose.

These days, I am hard at work on my forthcoming book when I'm not juggling my kiddos. But my connection with you means so much to me.

This week for the blog, I'd like to send some yoga-love your way. I know we're all stuck at home trying to take care of ourselves and possibly others, too.

Yoga is one of the best ways we can.

Check out this week's bIog: A LIL YOGA LOVE to get your free videos, and learn about my yoga experience...

I was 18 when I first started taking yoga classes. I ran competitive track in high school and college, and sustained an injury that kept me sidelined for 2 months of the season. My coach suggested I give yoga a try after healing from my stress fracture. I was not excited. Yoga didn't seem like enough of a workout. The athlete in me was hesitant. But almost immediately, I felt the benefits. I started practicing on my own, and it was in those solitary sessions that I fell in love with yoga and how it changed me. Fast forward to 2001, and I had the chance to study abroad in Nepal for the semester. Still obsessed with yoga and healing using natural means, I began an independent study under 3 yoga masters in the Kathmandu area. This was where I completed my first 1,000 hours of yoga training. The most influential of my experiences was working at the Aryoga Ashram under Dr. Pramoud Gautum. Aside from regular yoga practice, the Ashram served as a clinic for Nepalese people dealing with all kinds of ailments -- from gout, to intestinal diseases, to anxiety and depression. Clients would come in, and Dr. Gautum would use ancient yogic practices as medicine - breathing techniques, cleansing practices, Ayurvedic diet, pressure points, massage and asana. It absolutely changed my views of Western medicine and the body's capacity to heal itself. I came home, a yogini for life. I started teaching at the University of Colorado in 2001, and won an award for my program. I was hired to teach yoga to the CU football team. I then moved to NYC and taught at NY Sports Club, and started private sessions for corporate groups. I taught middle school kids at the inner city school where I worked. I moved back to Boulder and started teaching for educators, here. And now, almost 20 years after this path began, I teach at CU, again. It's been an incredible learning journey. I believe the gateways yoga opens in the body bring us inward to deeper understandings of ourselves. Having trained in the East, it's hard not to be jaded by the workout style yoga we love over here. But there is value in all styles. Yoga was invented to use as a precursor to meditation. If you have a meditation practice in place, I suggest trying it after yoga. If not, you'll feel great benefits from yoga, alone. Below are two classes:

A Happy Hips Class (10min) for those of us who need a break from sitting

A Vinyasa Flow (45min)

Both are meant to be done at home and are good for any level of practitioner. Enjoy your yoga-love, use as much as you like, and THANK YOU for being a part of this community! Love, Brie


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