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5 Signs You Need a Retreat

Wise friend,

I head out of town this weekend for a personal retreat. I need it now more than ever, I can feel it. I can't wait to be alone with just my books, my journal and myself, out in nature and in silence.

Feel like you could use one, too?

One of my missions is to put REGULAR retreating on the map as an important practice of self-care. I view it as a preventative measure -- a way to proactively nurture our mental and emotional wellbeing.

In my forthcoming book, YOU SHOULD LEAVE NOW, I go in DEEP about how to create a retreat for yourself, or how to choose one to join. The truth is, the practice of retreating is simple. All you need is yourself and a quiet space.

Here are FIVE signals that you KNOW it's time for a personal retreat. Begin to recognize these phases in your life, and you'll know just what to do to come back to yourself and your power.

  1. SEEKING INSPIRATION -- When you feel yourself bubbling over with ideas and opportunities and you need clarity in your life of which direction to go, it's time to retreat. You will find answers in the quiet and signs that point the way.

  2. FEELING LOW -- When you lack energy, passion, enthusiasm, or feel down right sad or depressed, it's time for retreat. If this is you, I suggest joining an organized retreat with a skilled guide who can help you shift your patterns as opposed to going it alone.

  3. ARRHYTHMIC LIVING -- When you have fallen out of healthy rhythms, you struggle to sleep, your eating is erratic or excessive, when you cannot make space for downtime, retreat is where you reestablish healthy flow by interrupting the habits that aren't working at home and bathing yourself in new, supportive practices.

  4. BEFORE STARTING A NEW PHASE/PROJECT -- Before launching into a new job, new marriage or relationship, new creative undertaking or volunteer position -- any NEW inspiration. Retreating helps you hear your own voice and get clear on what you REALLY care about so you may go into your new endeavor with clarity, joy and enthusiasm.

  5. OVER or UNDER STIMULATED -- If you are regularly overstimulated, like raising kids, or working long hours, you need regular retreats to keep you well. I suggest solo retreating if this is you. If you are under stimulated, like you've recently transitioned out of a job, your kids are grown and gone, you live alone, or work from home, I suggest joining an organized program for a new flush of energy, inspiration and ideas.

There you have it!

Get comfy using RETREAT as a tool to serve your inner life and you will always have a direct way back to your truth.

Put one on your calendar now!




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