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3 Gifts Retreating Gives...

(Model: Carol K., Essence Photos by Jewel Afflerbaugh)

I believe consistent retreating is the most transformative kind of self-care there is.

Those who take regularly retreat know how profound this kind of introspective space is. Particularly, once you return, and share your newfound gifts with those around you.

But, what exactly are the gifts retreating offers?

Read on to uncover 3 ways the regular practice of retreat can elevate your life.


Living in a frenzied state is the new normal. Doing it all (or trying to) personally, professionally, even socially, has become the new standard. Often we don't stop until we get sick or experience tragedy.

Retreating serves as a pattern interrupt from the pace of our lives back home. It isn't about being lazy, it's about living inwardly for a duration.

On retreat, we flush our days with supportive habits: meditation, yoga, healthy eating, contemplation, selected reading, reflection and dance, to name a few.

As a result, our frequency lowers, and our energy increases. Now we have more to share with ourselves, our causes, and the ones we love back home.


Whether because we aim to be durable or pleasing, many of us swallow our pain. "I'm fine," we tell ourselves, which for the most part, is true.

But is there an energetic toll that comes as a result of harboring hurt?

I believe there is.

Whether it manifests physically, or weakens us spiritually and emotionally over the long run, holding onto wounds catches up with us in some way.

A well run retreat offers us a chance to acknowledge pain, and most importantly MOVE IT THROUGH US.

When we find specific and intentional ways to release our dense pain body, we uncover a reservoir of strength just beneath the surface, waiting to be put to use.


Inspiration is perhaps the most important reason why I retreat.

It comes in the quiet moments, and as a result of my interrupted patterns. It comes in the asking the universe the bigger questions, and in the listening for signs. It comes in the writings in my journal, the pages of an inspiring read, and in the smile from a stranger.

It comes directly from The Divine.

Every retreat I am reminded that there is magic in the world. I am reminded that the universe is working in my favor, and always has been.

It is only once I pull away, and slow down, that I open my eyes to it once again.

Many you uncover the many gifts waiting for you on your next retreat.





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