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2020 Highlights

Dear One,

What a year, eh?

I want to thank you for being a part of this community. Thank you for reading my blog, for sharing your comments, for joining me for retreats, for sharing Soul Sessions with me.

Thank you for referring your friends to me and to my work. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

This holiday, I hope you can reflect on what DID go well this year. I know there was a lot that was difficult. I bet there was a lot that was beautiful, too.

For this week's blog, I'll share my 2020 Highlights. I hope you'll make your own list, too.

  1. Getting to host AWAKEN in Costa Rica with an INCREDIBLE group of women right before the pandemic hit (literally, we were one of the last retreats before the retreat center closed).

  2. Writing my book, YOU SHOULD LEAVE NOW -- I had to crank this baby out managing all 3 kids doing school from home. But it reminded me that anything is possible if we dig deep enough. Can't WAIT to share it with you this July!!!

  3. Rafting down the Green River -- First river trip for the kids! Being away on the river with friends made us feel like the pandemic wasn't happening.

  4. Hosting MANIFEST online -- my first online retreat with a special group of folks...can't wait to do it again next year!

  5. Friday Family Fun Night -- All five of my crew looks forward to pizza night, and watching The Amazing Race or Survivor -- a tradition now solidified by COVID.

  6. COVID Dates -- Since we haven't been able to have babysitters, every Saturday night, Luke and I let the kids watch a movie and hit the trails. Best kind of date there is...

  7. A mini 40th Bash! -- A few beautiful souls came together to surprise me with a masked 40th birthday surprise. I cried a lot of happy tears and felt so loved.

  8. Hosting IGNITE in Crestone -- Amid the madness of COVID, 19 queens came together with our masks on, dipped in hot springs, danced, and deep dove into understanding masculinity and femininity. Man, it felt good to get away!

  9. Major writing goals, achieved! -- Having Christiane Northrup write my forward (holy crap!), and signing a new agent! Hoping to have fiction out in the world soon, too...

  10. Work that feels like play -- thank you for participating and helping me live this dream. I couldn't do it without you.

Love you dearly, and happiest of holidays. So so thankful for you this holiday.




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