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3 Ways to Experience Magic NOW..


If you subscribe to this site, you are a Magic Seeker. You live for the thrill of synchronistic moments. You believe in our interconnected nature. You know that every person you meet, every challenge you face, has meaning. You trust that your life has purpose, and that there's a reason you were born as a human, here and now.

If this resonates with you, read on...

I LIVE for the realm of the magic. Uncovering moments of magic brings something alive in me. It pulls me out of the grind, out of my habitual nature, and reminds me to lift my head up.

Open my eyes.

Look around.

Life is bigger than the details.

Here are 3 ways to experience more magic NOW.


Whether you are a God person or not, the pious are onto something. You will only get answers if you ask questions. And you will get better answers if you ask better questions.

For example: "Why can't I identify my passion?"

Watch as you receive endless answers as to all the reasons you can't get to that you seek.

But, try this: "How can I share my gifts with the world?"

Ask it 5 days in a row, first thing in the morning and last thing before bed. Be open to signs, ideas, dreams and coincidences that will flood your consciousness when you least expect it.

Never underestimate the power of asking the right questions.


Not yoga. Not weightlifting. Not running. None of these structured and repetitive movements will get you there. And I'm not talking Salsa or ballet class.

I'm talking free form, Gals.

Dance has a way of moving heavy and dead energy up and out of the body. And only in free form can we express the movements that are needed to work through our physical expressions.

This is why on every one of my longer retreats we have dance. There is nothing quite as cathartic as free, wild and feminine movement.

And messages come in the form of stagnant frequencies moving through and making space for lighter, more playful, energetic truths.

Do it with no agenda, no expectations. Shake it, ladies. For no one other than yourself.


Take 5 deep breaths.

Do it RIGHT now. As you read.

Now think of one thing you're thankful for.

It is scientifically proven that we cannot feel anger, depression, sadness or frustration when we're thinking of what we're thankful for.

If ever you need a reset in your life, if you get caught in the trappings of the mind, the answer is always to reframe by finding one thing to be thankful for.

It's so simple. But it works every time. And it is accessible to you always. At the very least, we must be thankful for our breath that goes in and out without a thought.

How lucky we are to be alive...

We are surrounded by magic. Whether we're awake to it is up to us.




Wanna wake the eff up?


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