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💃4 Reasons Why Juicing is SEXY💃

Blood red so deep, it takes your breath away. Green so shiny bright, you can’t help but flirt. Silky, smooth, milky white – oh! Give me a piece of that. And rich cocoa-butter color so thick, you could lick, and lick, and lick.

Now, now friends. I am talking about your drinks. That’s right. Not this guy's killer dance moves. Bet you didn’t know that juicing could be sexy.

Allow me to convince you…

1. There is nothing sexier than purity.

There is something incredibly sexy about being the first one at anything, and having a fresh experience. First one in line, first kiss, the first time we discover a new place and enjoy its pristine nature, or taste a brand new food.

The same goes for purity in the body. Our gut’s microbiome changes rapidly, every 3-4 days. Juicing allows our digestive system the break it needs to reestablish our inner flora and be born anew. With a 3-day cleanse, we get the chance to press reset, and allow remaining foods to work through our digestive tracts and get our guts back to virginal status.


2. You say Goddess, I say hottie.

Have you ever met a woman (or man) who is spiritually dialed? You can tell they’ve done some serious soul-searching and looking within. They’ve weathered the storms of some incredibly difficult, yet profound spiritual lessons. Yeah. You know the type. You just can’t help but want to be around them, right?

Believe it or not, juicing has a spiritual intent too. Cleansing is an act of self-actualization. It’s an opportunity to unravel habitual patterns of eating of which we’re so often unconscious.

There are countless times when we all fall into patterns of eating that don’t serve us. Too much sugar, more dairy than we meant to, and way too much caffeine without so much as a thought.

Juicing allows these habit patterns to be exposed, and slowly, loosen their grip on us. It reminds us that we can make decisions from a more awakened place. We can do more than just live out our unconscious, habitual nature.

3. Raw, Rugged, Down and Dirty.

There is nothing more beautiful than that which is stripped down to its naked truth. Isn’t it amazing how, when we’re out in the natural world, we’re reminded of how to best live our lives? A budding flower just poking its head through the dirt is a reminder that nothing in life can be rushed. Softly falling snow allows us to feel okay staying inside being cozy, slowing down a bit. No need to go, go, go.

Inherent in fruits and vegetables are potent lessons too. How often we stuff our faces mindlessly with things that sit on dimly lit shelves for years, when there are raw and dirty veggies, who’s time is oh-so-limited, that could give us so much more.

The orange of the Cheetoh is no match for the complexity of a fresh orange, grapefruit, carrot, turmeric and lemon juice. The nakedness of what grows from the earth hides nothing, yet gives everything.

4. Because how hot is health?

When was the last time you said to yourself “Gosh, I would give anything to be involved with that really unhealthy person!” Not recently, I bet.

We are all drawn to that which is healthy. It’s in our DNA, encoded in our yearning for survival.

There is not an animal or indigenous culture on the planet who do not take breaks from food. The idea that we need to be eating all the time to be healthy is wildly misunderstood.

There really isn’t much sexier than health.

So there you have it, want to not only feel sexy but BE sexy too? Give your body, mind, and spirit a much need juice cleanse and you’ll be beating friends and suitors alike away with a stick.

Happy cleansing!



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