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💋Give Yourself Permission, Guuuuuuuurl!💋

You see a hot new dress that you know would look outstanding on you. You:

A. Pause. Keep looking. Tell yourself you'll come back. Gotta check the bank account and with your partner first.

B. Buy it, feel excited and then return it. You don't need fancy things, anyway.

C. Freaking buy it, own it, rock it. Love it.

There's this awesome women's retreat you really want to go on because you know it would blow your mind and change the game. You:

A. Tell yourself you'll save up and go next year.

B. Ask your significant other and make a decision based on his/her reaction.

C. Book it. Fuck it. The money will come. You can't put a price on valuable experiences.

You feel your stress building and you desperately need to hit a yoga class. It's just, you already have a social commitment tonight. You:

A. Swallow your need, and show up for your commitment because you don't like to *potentially* cause unease and you are a "woman who sticks by her word" no matter how trashed you feel.

B. Call your friend and see if she's okay changing the date. If she says no, you go forward with it.

C. Call your friend and tell her you love her, but you gotta love you too. Yoga is happening. She's welcome to join.

So? Which one are you? A? B? or C?

If you're C, I crown you a Permission Princess and you should be writing this blog. If you are A or B (which I think is all of us some of the time), listen up, girlies...

Ladies, we have built ourselves around the needs of others. This is a beautiful thing. But how many times do we find ourselves needing permission from those around us to do what we REALLY want and know is right and good for us?

Too dang many.

I had this great convo yesterday with a participant of my upcoming retreat. I asked her what was a time in her life when she felt "on top of the world."

She told me when she finally stopped listening to everyone else and moved abroad. People around her told her not to, they questioned her reasoning. But she did it anyway. No surprise, it changed her life.

Yeah, girl.

So next time you feel a desire bubble up inside of you, ask THESE questions...

1. Do you nullify your joy before even allowing it with rationalization?

2. From who (or what?! Sometimes it's social norms we're unconsciously abiding by) do you continue to feel like you need permission?

3. Do you REALLY need their/its permission or are you just acting out a habit pattern of being a pleaser?

4. Will this (purchase, trip, etc) enrich my life? Make me feel happy? Be fun? Even life-changing?


Here's to letting joy lead, and granting ourselves permission, Dear Ones.

Love you,


Stay tuned...

New Retreats COMING SOON!!

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