✈️5 Reasons You Should Leave NOW✈️

We're ba-aaaaaaaaaack!

Hi guys! Long time no blog! We are back from our sojourn in Morocco, and BOY was it an adventure.

Many of you are jet/car-setters already, so you know the value of getting the hell outta dodge. Either way, if you need an excuse, use these 5 reasons to inspire your next big get away!

1. You ain't gettin' any younger.

Forgive me. I'm not trying to be rude. It's just, how many times have we all said we would go somewhere, experience something, take that risk, spend that money, bite the bullet, and not followed through? Especially if it's for our own personal benefit?

Too many.

The truth is, whatever your excuse, the experience is ALWAYS worth it. Even if your getaway doesn't go how you like, there are take away's from every trip.

There is no good time, no amount of money where we'll FINALLY be okay traveling or taking care of ourselves. The only truth is that time is passing.

Get out there.

2. The best lessons are often learned away

What's the wonderful, and overused quote by Albert Einstein?

Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.

YES. Exactly.

Our challenges feel so big when we are in the middle of them. Our worlds feel so serious and critical: work deadlines, social circles, loneliness and on and on. We can literally drown ourselves in our own problems because we focus on them so whole-heartedly.

When we get outside of our comfort zones, incredible things happen. What once felt so important, suddenly feels trivial. In an instant, priorities shift. We are forced to be more present, more alive because we are living unpredictably.

Leaving wakes us up, shakes us around, and reminds us that we are ALIVE.

Time to start fully living.

3. MASSIVE insights await.

When we give the heart and mind more space to work with, we realize we've been limiting ourselves back home. When we open up to uncharted places, new people, new ways of thinking, new sounds and smells, we allow for ideas that may have never crossed our minds to waltz right into our head and heart space.

After this recent trip in Morocco, I came home with THREE new retreat ideas for 2019. That's right. And I wasn't even consciously thinking about retreat stuff. (Stay tuned..details soon!)

Now all we have to do is decide which nugget of genius to act on.

4. It reminds you of your extended family.

I'm talking about your GLOBAL family.

On this recent trip, my middle son fell very ill. It had nothing to do with being in Morocco, rather, a continued sickness from home. Nevertheless, it was more serious than traveler's sickness, so it felt scary for my husband and me to be handling it abroad.

He is fine, thankfully. And looking back on that experience, it was incredible what people did for us. People who didn't even know us opened up doctor's offices that were closed, made critical phone calls, translated when we understood not a thing, let us cut them in line at the doc's office, brought us food and more.

The way in which people showed up for us makes me teary. Our brothers and sisters from so far away were there for us in our time of need. Being reminded of this makes me feel good about humanity. How lucky we were to be held by the Moroccan people.

5. It inspires compassion

It is easy to judge from faraway. It is difficult to judge from up close. Going to a place you know little about, where you have no personal contacts reminds us of our shared humanity.

We all want to be happy. We all want to be healthy and free (animals included!). We want our kids to grow up safely, and we want to do good for ourselves and for others.

Leaving our bubble reminds us that no matter how far we go, and how different we may seem on the exterior, we are all in this together. We are not so different on the inside. We cannot help but have compassion for each other.

So, go on. Bite the bullet. Get the heck outta here.




Wanna go somewhere incredible and have an earth shattering experience? There's still time!


March 16-23, 2019

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