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⭐️10 Things I Loved, 2018⭐️

You guys. Happy freaking holidays. Have I told you that?

I am going to do my final post of 2018 with a practice I love that I call 10 Things. I do this one every time I journal: 10 things I appreciate right now.

So here is my 2018 edition...

10 Things I Loved about 2018

1. YOU -- You guys continue to blow my mind with your support, your love, and what you share with me as I continue to put my work out there in the world. Thank you for showing up to retreats, sharing with your friends, contributing in many ways, and giving me fuel. You women make my life so full, I can't even....

2. MY BITCHES -- I swear to Buddha, if I didn't have amazing gals to lean on, I don't know what I'd do. There is no substitution for incredible women, we need them AS WELL AS our partners and families, y'all. It's worth the work to find some.

3. MICHELLE OBAMA'S BOOK, BECOMING -- One of my brilliant friends insisted that I read this book. Drop everything now and read it. Seriously. I get up in the wee hours of the morning to squeak out a few more pages. There is nothing more powerful and inspirational than a story about a woman finding her voice. Her's is extraordinary.

4. TONY ROBBINS -- Tony Robbins has essentially blown the lid off for my husband and me on how to live our best lives. We go to every conference, listen to every podcast, swallow every drip of his wisdom because he is a living legend. And he MODELS it. Yes, I am a groupie. I'm fine with it. Start to drink the Kool-aid by watching I Am Not Your Guru. So thankful for all I've learned from him.

5. SALADS FOR BREAKFAST -- You guys. It's been 3 years of plant-based diet, and 6 months of salads for breakfast. I still eat eggs when I feel like it, and eat a bit of meat here or there. But generally speaking, I am a veg head. I thought I'd miss the cheese, but it's just not as hard as you think. I feel good on the inside, and to me, that means something. Salad for breakfast is the best way I know to get more veggies into my world. Yay greens!

6. COSTA RICA RETREAT, 2018 -- Last year's retreat was a dream. The women who came were pure magic. And for me, I've never had more moments of synchronicity in one week in my entire life. It makes me feel like I am stepping into something important. It makes me feel excited for our upcoming retreat. It gives me a deep sense of meaning to learn from, and with you fab women.

7. HAVING CLEANERS -- We have had cleaners for many years, but let me tell you, I appreciate them more and more every time they come. Having them allows me to spend time doing the things I really want to do as opposed to always working around the house. Dang, I am thankful for these women who help keep our lives in order.

8. MY RELATIONSHIP -- There is not a human on the planet I appreciate more than my hubby. I would ALWAYS rather spend time with him than anyone else. We are not perfect, but we are committed to having an extraordinary life together. And we will do what it takes to stay there.

9. NARCOS -- Having a good show to watch at nights makes life so much more fun. I am digging Narcos right now, at least until Game of Thrones comes back into play.

10. TRAVEL WITH MY FAMILY -- One of our family values is SEE THE WORLD. We talk about this with our kids, and when we look back on our lives, it's the experiences we've shared that we remember most. CHOOSE EXPERIENCES OVER THINGS is also one of our family values. Because of this, we are headed to Morocco for Christmas this year. Leaving in 4 days, y'all! Eeeee!

So with that, I'll say bye bye! It'll be a few weeks. Happy holidays and I promise to post some pics on Instagram...

Thanks, as always, for your read.



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