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💪Change a woman's LIFE -- time sensitive!💪


I need your help. I am raising a scholarship to send one woman in deep need of personal care and transformation, on a retreat.

There are some remarkable final candidates: a now single mom whose husband recently passed away, and a single mom who is battling cancer, an overloaded mom who seeks to redefine herself, and more.

Help us send one of them on a retreat to reconnect with herself so she can be the strong woman she yearns to be for her family, community, but most importantly, for herself.

>>>>>>>CHANGE A LIFE<<<<<<<<

Please contribute if you are able. No amount is too small! Donations due BEFORE January 1st, 2019!

Donors will receive video communication from the chosen participant while on retreat, as well as warm fuzzies from helping make another woman's dream come true. See my Go Fund Me Campaign to make a donation and learn more:

>>>>>>>>SUPPORT A WOMAN <<<<<<<<

I am so deeply thankful you'd consider participating. I'm sure you agree that when we help one woman, an entire community benefits. Thank you in advance for your generosity this holiday season. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Love and MAD gratitude,


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