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😳Fix your funk with THESE 4 tips..😳

Ever hit a bump in the road where you feel sad for an extended period of time? Or maybe unmotivated? Lacking passion for life?

Maybe it's not sadness, maybe it's anger, impatience or overwhelm. Maybe you continue to find yourself in the middle of conflict, despite your best efforts to stay chipper.

The point is not what your specific flavor of difficult emotion is, rather, that we ALL have them. And we tend to have ones we visit regularly, when we let ourselves get lazy.

CHALLENGE: Think of one of your regular afflictive emotions right now before you read on..

Our negative states are practiced responses to external stimuli that we cling onto, usually, unknowingly.

We don't get a job we wanted and we feel like poo. We're not spending time on our passion, despite what we claim to care about. We feel like there are no worthwhile prospects left in the dating world so we feel hopeless. Or maybe our marriage feels uninspiring, so why bother trying?

It matters not what got us to this yucky space, but we are there. So what to do to get the heck out?

Here are 4 tips to fix the inner funk, but keep it funky:

1. PICK A DIFFERENT THOUGHT -- It sounds so damn simple, doesn't it? Alas, we forget this so quickly when we're feeling down in the dumps. As bad, demotivated, hopeless, angry (sub your flavor here) as you feel, it is merely a thinking pattern.

Do you ever wonder why you often go back to this same emotion? It's because we've literally carved neurological pathways in the brain around this emotion. We've conditioned ourselves to go back here.

What you feel is not REAL in an external sense, it's just how you've trained yourself to feel. You have full right (and responsibility) to change it.

2. YOU ARE NOT YOUR THOUGHTS -- We make the mistake of identifying with our constantly fluctuating thoughts. We believe this is who we are. No wonder we fall victim to wildly swaying moods, both high and low.

Remember, you are the observer BEHIND your thinking mind. You are NOT your thoughts. Ideas, emotions and thoughts come and go. This is not who you are. You are the one who witnesses the comings and goings, and allows them to simply move through you.

Gripping onto a thought that is meant to move is what causes us trouble.

Let it the fuck go.

3. UNDERSTAND YOUR ENERGY -- Every thought, emotion and movement is a result of expending energy. Our energy does not come from food, it does not come from the proper amount of sleep, nor does it come from having a great day at work (though this can feel energizing).

Our energy is BOUNDLESS. We can access it any time we need. Our putting conditions on it (must have proper food, sleep, relationship, inspiration) only makes it more evasive. If we MUST have these conditions, then we live with excuses as to why we're not feeling fully alive.

Stop. That. Shit.

Decide to take charge of your inner resources. Energy is meant to flow. Our expectations of life make us close to flow. The key is to stay open, even in pain. Let it move. Let it hurt, but do not attach.

If you love life, nothing and no one is worth closing for.

4. FOCUS ON THE RELEASE -- In order to let something move through us, we often need a method to get it out of us. We women are skilled at taking IN five trillion things. But we are not so skilled at letting them out (go).

This is a place for massive self-understanding and growth. Pick a way to help facilitate your release. Maybe it's journaling to get the yuck out. Go to a mountain top and scream (a pillow is also fine). Sweat it out. Verbally vomit on a dear friend who will hear you. Try colonics:).

We gotta get better at letting go, ladies. We are emotionally constipated in a world where smooth grooving is the only way to inner spiritual sanctity.

Find your release and do it over, and over again.

There you have it. Here's to you, My Loves, and keeping your inner life on point.



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March 16-23, 2019.


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