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💫Seeking Spiritual Insights?💫

Me too. I believe we all are. Some more than others. If you're reading this blog, my guess is that you, too, are a seeker....

Perhaps you've had a few in your life: the first time you traveled abroad, moved to a big city by yourself, gave birth or adopted a baby. The first time you lost someone close to you, had a medical "opportunity" as my dear friend, and cancer survivor says. Maybe it was the moment your heart broke, or when made your first million dollars.

I've become obsessed with the question of how to create spiritual resonance. Can we create experiences that foster this kind of spiritual expansion? Or must we just happen upon them, unexpectedly?

After years of this work, and a lifetime of personal inquiry myself, I know without a doubt that creating experiences for breakthroughs, growth, and deep spiritual connection is entirely possible.

Many of you know, I started my business in a place of incredible low, personally. Something I'm coming to understand about myself is that my greatest offerings to the world, the ones that serve others the most, come from a place of deep pain within myself.

A lot of my breakthroughs are ugly, painful, and messy. I've certainly had a few euphoric ones, but as I continue on my own path, I find that getting to the guts of things often involves first pain, then pleasure.

When I first showed up in Costa Rica when on personal retreat myself years ago, I was haggard. Tired. Disconnected. Sad. I played out my old habit patterns of overexercising because I didn't know quite what to do with myself alone.

I nearly fainted on the beach and crawled back to the resort from heat exhaustion. I spent the rest of the day recovering in my room. It was then that I realized my pattern. I was killing myself. There, in Costa Rica, but also back home.

I was saying yes to everything, trying to be everything for everyone, accomplish more than the average broad, literally hemorrhaging energy all over the place.

But then, slowly, and bit by bit, my pace slowed. I settled into comfortable rhythm. Nosara forced it on me, it wasn't quite by my own choosing, though I wish I could say otherwise.

Again, creativity flowed, and connection to myself and the greater world coursed through my veins. I had forgotten that taking care of myself enables this: the ability to live from inspiration.

This is part of why I bring participants to Costa Rica now. Being by the ocean in the midst of winter has a way of calming the soul. Squeezing sand between our toes brings about a groundedness and a reminder that we are here, on the ground, of the earth. Not in our heads, as we spend 95% of our lives enacting back home.

So I urge you, find a way to make space for your own retreat. You can't know what messages await you and what spiritual understandings you'll uncover until you go. We cannot break patters when we spend our time living in them. Leaving is an essential piece. Come with me, or go it alone, but go. I promise, your spirit will thank you for it.




Curious what insights are waiting for you? Please,

March 16-23, 2019

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