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☀️Retreat FAQs Revealed!☀️

Amazing women,

This week, I want to answer the most commonly asked questions about our Women's Self-Discovery Retreat in Nosara, Costa Rica. Next year, our retreat takes place March 16-23, 2019.

Take a look!

1. Who is this retreat right for?

This retreat is for any woman looking to grow. It's for anyone who feels like they want to take their regular practices of self-care to the next level. It's for any woman seeking sacred experience, who is hungry to reconnect with herself, her purpose, her joy and feel fully alive again so she may return home and share it with those around her. It's for women who are conscious and intentional leaders in their communities, families, friend circles and more.

2. Why Costa Rica?

To me, there is something sacred about spending time on the ocean, especially in the midst of winter. Many of you know my story about going on retreat alone in Costa Rica after having my 3rd son and hitting a massive low in my life.

I stumbled upon this beautiful oasis and knew that minute that I had to bring others back to this space. Being at this resort, held by this community, healed me at a time when I desperately needed it.

So I had to find a way to share it with others. This place is special to me, but special to all who visit.

Costa Rica is a Blue Zone, so it's a place that emulates health. Participants come and settle right in to the Pura Vida vibe that Costa Rica is so famous for.

3. Why not just take a vacation?

The main difference between a retreat and a vacation is that a retreat has a higher spiritual intent; it's truly about personal growth. Vacations can be restorative and fun, but rarely do we experience the amount of personal breakthroughs we do while on retreat.

Furthermore, we often play out the same habit patterns that we do while at home.

Retreat allows us to access ourself at a new frequency and examine some of our habits that may be holding us back from our brilliance.

4. But I feel so guilty leaving my (FILL IN THE BLANK -- kids/work/partner/cat). Won't I be sad without them?

Feeling sad leaving our life behind is normal. It is the first stage of retreating. The problem women often face is that we form our identity around what we do for others -- be it kids, work, community.

Giving is a beautiful thing, but when we give unconsciously and just out of habit, we are certainly not giving from our highest potential, nor are we modeling feminine strength, independence or wisdom.

The way to find our own sense of each of these is by going inward. Retreating allows us to re-access our own voices instead of being pulled in various directions by everyone else's.

You may feel sad/guilt at first, but upon your return home, you will realize what you now have to share is very worth the time you spent away.

I always tell participants that in the scheme of things:

This experience is a week your (work/kids/partner) will never remember, and one you will never forget.

It's worth it. Promise.

5. I don't have the money. Do you have any options for me?

There are always reasons not to do something. Ask yourself, how often do I use money as my reason for holding me away from adventure/growth/etc.? The timing will never be convenient, nor will there ever be enough money. I can assure you of that.

Also, I am raising funds to create a scholarship to bring one woman down to Costa Rica for our retreat, all expenses paid. I will be hosting a mini retreat in Boulder, CO on November 3rd (save the date!) to help raise funds for this. More on this to come soon...

Scholarship application will come out at the end of the year.

6. How frequently should one retreat?

How frequently should you eat dark leafy greens? Exactly. We can't pretend because we went on retreat once two years ago that our mental and emotional health are all good to go. Sorry, ladies.

I suggest at a minimum, once per year.

It's not culturally normal yet, I know. This is part of what makes it difficult. But true leaders in our world need time of inward reflection. We cannot go-go-go all the time and pretend that this is sustainable or healthy. Otherwise we risk living out only habit patterns as opposed to intentionally. I donno about you, but it's not something I'm willing to risk.

Alright friends. Convinced you wanna come along? Than please...

March 16-23, 2019

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